M.A.C. aims to make your journey prettier!!!

M.A.C. has just released Trip, a collection that they brought out last year that was exclusive to duty-free shops.  It’s now available online and in stores and it contains some permanent and previously limited-edition colours. It’s all eye, cheek and lip compacts with two brush sets.  One of the compacts has Waternymph, which is a gorgeous colour that came out with the Lure collection.

As per the M.A.C. website:

A collection of black-and-white graphic compacts, trios and glossy patent bags with sleek, sharp stripes is the simple, sophisticated way to expedite effortless eyes, long-lasting lips, and cheeks. Around-the-world chic is now so stylishly state-of-the-art, it’s trippy!

Images courtesy of M.A.C. Cosmetics

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