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Date: March 31, 2010

This has lived up to the hype!!!!! Kinky Curly Knot Today

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I finally decided to take the plunge and purchase one of the natural girl’s favourites, Kinky Curly Knot Today.  I’ve heard a lot about this product and this line.  I currently use their Come Clean cleanser, which works great as it cleanses without drying my hair out.  A lot of  people use this product as a deep conditioner and a moisturizing detangler.

Here’s what the product says:

“… This creamy herbal conditioner is enriched with botanical extracts and is designed to smooth the cuticle and to remove knots, snarls and tangles from thick curly hair.”

This is a cruelty-free, organic, nourishing concoction in a bottle!!!  I love this product.  I think it runs neck and neck with my all time favourite, Oyin’s Honey Hemp Conditioner.  The ingredients list reads like a who’s who of wholesome, natural hair products:

  • Organic mango fruit extract – naturally occurring,used for conditioning properties
  • Organic slippery elm – slippery!! great detangling agent
  • Organic marshmallow root – conditioner and detangler
  • Organic lemongrass – adds shine to hair and anti-microbial
  • cetyl alcohol – it’s an alcohol, but it’s among other things, an emollient, which softens and smoothes hair and skin
  • Behentrimonium methosulphate – very mild compound which has superior detangling properties
  • citric acid – natural preservative
  • phenoxyethanol – organic antibacterial
  • natural fragrance

This product is worth the $$$$, it made detangling with a wide-tooth comb a breeze and added moisture to my hair.  My hair was super smooth afterwards.  Another good thing about this product, it’s also a leave-in conditioner.  So after washing with the Come Clean and detangling with the Knot Today, I rinsed and added a little bit of the Knot Today again.  This product helped keep my coils defined.

The only downside, is the price.  At about $12 for an 8 oz. bottle, it’s pricey, but for me it’s worth it.

This will be in rotation, but I think I’ll use it every 2 weeks and use my Aubrey Organics in between for moisture.

Overall Grade: A!

Knot Today is sold at Body Beautiful on D’Avenue in Trinidad & at Ricky’s in New York and Whole Foods.

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Product Review: Rimmel Gentle Eye Make Up Remover

Good day, good day!

Recently, I decided to look for an eye makeup remover that I could use to clean up my makeup looks instead of using my beloved M.A.C. wipes.  I found myself at Pennywise on Charlotte Street.  Now I absolutely love to browse beauty products, look at the packaging, reading the labels, dat’s all me!!! So you know me I was not lovin’ de service from de ladies behind de counter!….But that’s another story for another day.

I ended up buying the Rimmel London Gentle Eye Make Up Remover.

Here’s what it claims:

…” Gently removes all eye make up, including long lasting & waterproof make up, with no oily residue.”

So later that day, I decided to test it out while wearing my Greasepaint stick and Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes mascara.

Generally, this is a a good product, but not great. It’s a clear liquid (looks like water) and it foams a little ( it contains sodium laureth and lauryl sulphate, but those are far down in the list).  It’s definitely not oily and does not sting, or burn my eyes nor does it leave the skin around my eyes dry.   It did a great job of cleaning up makeup fallout.  It’s also quite inexpensive, so it’s good for those that are on a tight budget but want a fairly decent product.

Unfortunately it did not completely remove all traces of the greasepaint stick.  I had to re-dampen the cotton wool, and press and hold it on my lids for a few extra seconds.

All in all, I think it works well for everything but waterproof or heavy duty makeup, I’ll stick to my M.A.C. wipes, but this will definitely have a role in my makeup kit!

Overall Grade: B

This product is available at Pennywise in Trinidad & Tobago and at drugstores nationwide in the U.S. including Rite Aid, CVS and Walgreens.

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