Upcoming M.A.C. Collection: M.A.C. Daphne Guinness Collection


 Hey guys!

I am back on the hunt for the latest M.A.C. Collections.  There are quite a few items that are coming out on December 26 in North America.  These are all limited edition although a few of the items are repromotes.  All info courtesy of Specktra.net

Image courtesy of Specktra.net

Prolongwear Lipcreme

  • Approaching Storm
  • Seasoned Plum
  • Red Dwarf
  • Warp Speed

Cremesheen Glass

  • Japanese Spring
  • Narcissus <—- interested in this!
  • Borealis
  • Richly Reserved <—- interested in this!

Interior Life Quad

  • Stratus
  • Interior life
  • Bruised sky
  • Heather belles


  • Aurora
  • Nebula<—- interested in this!
  • Circa plum

Powerpoint Pencil

  • Engraved
  • Grey utility

Brow Pencil

  • Fling (Perm)
  • Stud (Perm)

Blush Ombre

  • Azalea Blossom
  • Vintage Grape <—- interested in this!

Nail Polish

  • Endless Night
  • Hyperion
  • Blueblood

This collection is available online and in stores on December 26th in North America and in January internationally.

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