[twitter-follow screen_name=’NoireTropicalB’] NB: Nothing to declare! Product mentioned bought by me! Continuing with my summer coral obsession, here is a quick review of a product that I have wanted to pick up for a while.  I was introduced to the makeup brand Face Atelier at The Makeup Show a few years ago.  They are certainly a professional artists brand!! This Canadian-based company is well known in the industry for their high quality, silicone-based makeup.  Most of the makeup that we see in drugstores etc is either water- or oil based.  They are also well known for carrying Silicone-based makeup can be used on both dry and oilier skin types and it leaves a very smooth finish by laying on top of the skin and filling into pores and wrinkles (pretty much similar to a lot of the face primers out there).  Pro makeup artist Kevin-James Bennett used this on the cheek in a demo and I loved the effect on the skin!  One thing to note, just remember to use like products with like products.  Have you ever found that when you applied a primer and a foundation, the foundation slid off?  That sometimes happens with you pair a silicone based primer with a non-silicone foundation (especially water-based).   Try matching the base ingredients of your products and you should have no problem.

Anyway, I picked up the Face Atelier Façade in Cha Cha.

True dat!


Cha Cha

A beautiful, light coral, that is shimmer-free/matte.  This can be used on both cheeks and lips.  The texture is very smooth and velvety and the product has almost a translucent quality to it.  In this picture, I swatched it heavily, but when applied to my cheeks, it glided on smoothly  and gave a hint of peachy-ness. I had no problems blending this because of its beautiful texture.  It also interestingly, starts off as a cream and dries down to a powder finish, which will work well for dry and oily skins alike!

Heavy swatch

The good thing is that it can be applied in layers so that the intensity of the colour can be built up.  This colour would work on all skintones and ages as it’s not too warm or cool.  I would suggest that those with dark and very dark skintones should apply 2 or 3 layers for it to really pop.  I wore this to work and got compliments on it and it wore well over 6 hours.  I did get a tiny bit of ‘piling’, because I used a water-based moisturizer, but that did not bother me.  I also used it as a base for my Taj Mahal blush and it worked quite well!  I also like the slant-tip applicator, which means no messy pot to deal with, and it’s ideal for summer travel.

Slant tip

Definitely look this one up! I love this product, and I have been wearing this a lot!  The only thing is that it’s not readily available, but can be purchased on their website. It cost US$27 for 8ml of products, but this tube will last for a long time and it also photographs quite well!  You can also get samples of this before your buy the full size.

Overall Grade: A-


FTC Disclosure: Products were purchased by me Noire Tropical Beauty.  All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.  I have not been compensated for this review.  For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.

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