Here’s just a small haul of two, indie brands that I have wanted to try in forever! I love that more an more companies are coming out with different products, colours and textures and filling the void that major companies don’t.  Colour Pop and Makeup Geek have been two brands that have gotten the beauty world buzzing with their unique offerings.

Let me just say this one time….I am absolutely impressed with both of these brands. I can tell a lot of work and thought went into creating these pieces.  Amazing quality, amazing textures and what is the best part, is the price.  I have not problem paying more for products from small companies, especially if they are minority-owned or they release products that work well on dark skin, but the eyeshadows are between US$5 and $6! Hella cheap!  And they are cruelty free too! Makeup Geek was founded by Marlena, who is a makeup artist and YouTuber and I have been following Marlena for years! She is one of the OG YTers when video was shot in 240p.  She has grown a lot and I am happy to see her being so successful. She clearly puts in a lot of work and knowledge into her shades and products and I love that she is so aware of the needs of people of colour and has some amazing colours that work so well with my skintone.  Colour Pop just celebrated their 1 year anniversary a few months ago and they have been on every one’s lips!  Their Eye Shadows and Lippie Stix are almost legendary! And I love the fact they they have swatches of their products on light, medium and dark skin! There are some amazing colour selections and the packing is so cute!

Anyway, here are the things that I have bought so far.  I highly recommend checking them out, and I will be purchasing quite regularly.  There is also a video of me reviewing these products and will be available below once live.  And I have already used some of these products in a tutorial, take a look!

Link to video here and below…


I picked up 3 eye shadows, 2 mattes and 1 foiled.

NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

Makeup Geek Cosmetics: foiled on the left, other 2 are mattes

I love a matte brown eye shadow for crease work and blending.  And her mattes are divine! So buttery, smooth, not chalky and so richly pigmented! The regular eye shadows are $5.99 each and the foiled ones are $9.99 and come in pan form only and MG ships worldwide! So my Caribbean people, doh sleep!!!

Cocoa Bear

NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

MG: Cocoa Bear

This is a matte, very warm brown colour with strong red undertones. This is gorgeous, especially and tan-to- dark skintones.  This is a great transition colour especially for those cool, smokey looks.


NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

MG: Bitten

This is an unusual and unique colour, a matte, burgundy red.  Red shades can sometimes be hard to wear, but this is another great blending/transition colour.  Women with deep, dark skinniness, this is an amazing colour.  Works well with brown and purple looks.


NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

MG: Masquerade

This is a foiled eyeshadow.  Very high shine/metallic factor.  Shimmery, but not chunky, very smooth. A stunning, stunning rich red-purple colour! And it can be used both dry and wet to amp up the intensity.  Ugh! This is beautiful! Very regal! I used this in one of my latest looks.


NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

From the top to bottom: Bitten, Cocoa Bear, Masquerade


I picked up 5 Super Shock Shadows.

NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

Colour Pop

NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

CP: Super Shock Eye Shadows

The packaging reminds me of real old-school, M.A.C. packaging with screw-top containers.   The most unique thing about this brand is the texture of the shadows.  They have almost a powdery, gel texture.  Spongy to the touch, looks like a liquid your skin, and dries to a powder.  Amazing!  These are $5.00 each…..$5….$5….right! The screw top is great, to make sure that the product does not dry out.  I think the best way to apply these is with your fingers, but I also use synthetic brushes as well.


NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

CP: Bandit

A matte midtone brown with red undertone.  Slightly lighter and less red than MG Cocoa Bear.  Very easy to apply.


NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

CP: Mittens

A deep dark chocolate brown.  Pretty neutral not a lot of red in it.  It almost looks greyish.


NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

CP: Effect

A deeeeeep, bottle green.  Matte and great for smokey looks.


NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

CP: Drift

A rich, metallic (shiny) burgundy.  Mostly red with a touch of brown.  Beautiful.


NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

CP: LaLa

I saved the best for last! A metallic rose-gold colour.  Gorgeous!!! Looks like liquid gold on my dark skin! I always get compliments on it.  It is more gold than rose, but there is definitely that hint of pink.  Also the gold is actually on the warmer side.  Oh so pretty!


NoireTropicalBeauty MakeupGeek ColourPop ES

CP: From left to right: Effect, Drift, LaLa, Bandit, Mittens

That’s it! Check out my video on this and see my makeup look using some of these products.  You can find these products at makeupgeek.com and colourpop.com

Video below…

Let me know which ones you have picked up!!


Overall Grade: A (Makeup Geek and Colour Pop)
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FTC Disclosure: Products were purchased by me, Noire Tropical Beauty.  All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.  I have not been compensated for this review.  For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.


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