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So, lately I’ve been all about my eyebrows.  Typically I get them threaded and I think the eyebrows really frame the face.  You could be wearing not a stitch of makeup and still look presentable.  And it really makes a difference if you are wearing makeup and your brows are done.  I’m not talking highly manicured, just a little grooming is more than enough.  I’ve been on the lookout for brow products that complete the look.

Anyway, I recently made a little haul of NYX products on beautyjoint.com.  I had never tried this site before, but I saw that a few bloggers had good experiences with them.  Plus the fact, they were cheaper than buying off of the NYX website.  And shipping was $1, so…..

I wanted to try the NYX Eyebrow Shaper for a while now.  Sometimes I just want to hold my brows in place, no filling in, no colour.

NYX Eyebrow Shaper

Cute, chubby, wooden pencil, with wax filling or ‘lead’.  The product has no disearnable smell and is colourless.  I like the idea that it came in pencil form, so that is was easy to apply to my brows.  A few quick swipes and I’m done.  The formula itself is waxy, of course, but did not leave a heavy or oily residue.  So if you have oily skin, I think that you would be fine.  I applied it on a day that was pretty warm and humid, went to the gym, sweated up a storm and it was still there hours later and my brows still looked groomed.  NYX touts that it contains Vitamin E, which helps keep the hair soft.

NYX Eyebrow Shaper

I really like this product.  I could see myself using this on an everyday basis.  Works well, convenient.  And the price is right!  I paid $6.99 for this and I could see it lasting a long time.  If you want to try this  product out, head over to beautyjoint. com

To my Trinis, NYX is available in Trinidad, and beautyjoint ships internationally!

Overall Grade: A

FTC Disclosure: This product was purchase by me, Noire Tropical Beauty.  For more information, please see my Disclosure page.