Here is a review  for a few Illamasqua products.  I have been attracted to this brand since they debuted at Sephora in the US.  I like their edgy, not-so-safe vibe.  Their Fall/Autumn 2010 collection really caught my eye!!

Anyway as I mentioned here, their latest collection is the Throb Collection, in honour of Valentine’s Day and I have had the chance to review two items.

Succubus Intense Lipgloss – This comes in a slim, squeeze tube with a slanted applicator.



It’s blood red, well-pigmented, but not totally opaque.  The formula is very smooth, not sticky at all, and is shimmer-free.  It does not lean too cool (blue) or too warm (yellow), so that I think everyone could wear this colour, from pale to dark skin tones.


Succubus, spread out

I actually really like this colour! I also think that it would be good for those (like me!) who are still a little cautious when it comes to wearing red lips.  It’s not sheer, so that it shows up on those with dark pigment in their lips.  Is this the most unique colour around? No, but I think it’s a great introduction to the brand.  By the way, a succubus is a female demon that takes a human form and is a highly attractive seductress!!  This colour would definitely fit this character!! Retails for £13.00/US $20.00 for 7ml/0.2 fl.oz.

Load Nail Varnish – So this is also part of the Throb Collection and is described as a rich cream, but this is certainly not plain white.  There as slight, cool lemon, buttercream yellow tint to it.

Very nice! I was really excited to try this one.  I am used to very soft, pale manicures that look like your nail beds, but this one is quite bold.  The pigments are very dense.  Shown with 2 coats, but could have done with a third.  It streaks on the first application but smooth out on later ones.  A completely shimmer free glossy creme.  The varnish comes in an oblong-shaped bottle with an outer cap that comes off revealing an inner cap that is attached to the brush.  The formula is thick but not unbearable so. Regular sized brush.  I think this looks better on medium, tan and darker skintones because it will stand out as a contrast.

Swatch, Load

I’ll be wearing this in the spring!  The formula is 3 Free. Retails for £13.50/$14 for 15ml/0.7 fl. oz.

These colours, as well as Sangers lipstick was not released in the US as part of the Throb Collection but as a US-exclusive Color Collision collection.

Viridian Nail Varnish –  This was actually part of the Fall 2010, The Art of Darkness Collection.  This was a gorgeous collection!! And this nail varnish is beautiful!!


A peacock blue-green shimmer.  Sometimes it looks more blue and sometimes it looks more green. I loved this! It really does look like peacock feathers.  Also shown with 2 coats.

Viridian, swatch

Another polish with a good formula.  A few streak lines, but nothing highly visible. Good Carnival nail colour.  I also love the name of the polish!


Here comes the chemistry lesson! (Right up my alley, appeals to my inner engineer!!!)

Viridian is a blue-green pigment that is a hydrated chromium (III) oxide.  Chromium (III) is a transition metal, hence it’s coloured.  Viridian leans more green than blue.  In other words, it’s a dark green with some blue.

*steps off the podium* 😛

These are available at Illamasqua and at Sephora stores and online at Sephora.com.

Hope you liked!


FTC Disclosure: The sample products in this post were provided by the manufacturer or PR firm for consideration.  For more information, please see my Disclosure page.