Last Friday I had the privilegde of attending the launch of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics’ new line of tinted moisturizers called OCC Tint.  This event took place at the Wonderland Beauty Parlour in the Meatpacking District.  What a great way to start off the weekend, playing with makeup!

OCC continues to expand its OCC Skin product line (they introduced a line of vegan brushes this year) and this time they have focused on lightweight makeup suitable for today’s hi-definition standards.

According to OCC:

OCC Tint, our hand-applied tinted moisturizer boasts an unparalleled amount of adjustable coverage, available in a wide range of ultra-moisturizing shades that look as great in person as they do in close-up on HDTV and in a hi-res digital photograph. This alternative to airbrush application is already a Make-Up Artists’ favorite, recently field-tested by the Artists at OCC during New York and Los Angeles Fashion Week.

So, these tinted moisturizers comes in 2 colour lines, R and Y.  Each colour line contains 6 colours, so that there are a total of 12 colours ranging from R0 to R5 and Y0 to Y5.  The R range is the red-undertone range and the Y range has yellow-undertones. The zero shades are the lightest and the five shades are the deepest.  They come in convenient squeeze tubes.  My closest shade appears to be R5.  These moisturizers seem to be very good.  As a person that does not wear foundation, putting weightless products on my face is very important.

In the pic above, the 6 shades in the background, from R to L (back row) R0 -> R2, (front row) R3 -> R5.  In the foreground, Y line.

Here are a few of my observations:

  • The fluid is very, lightweight and almost watery in texture
  • It is very densely pigmented, so a little goes a long way.  A few drops is needed to cover the face.
  • It very quickly sinks into the skin, so there is no waiting for the product to dry
  • Can be mixed with other colours to find an ideal match
  • There is a low amount of natural SPF (SPF 8)
  • This would be great for people with really good skin and male clients (or any one that does not need a lot of coverage and wants to look like they are making makeup)
  • Buildable coverage and makes the skin look smooth
  • Applies with fingers, sponge or synthetic brush
These retail for US$25 and will be introduced at The Makeup Show this weekend and available online soon.  I think this is a great product and definitely worth looking into.
Of course I could not resist looking at the new Spring/Summer 2011 offering from their colour line.
One of the things that I love about OCC is they have a lot of interesting and unique colours and their pigments are very finely milled and easy to blend.  I ended up picking up Flawed, which is a gorgeous midtone gold Loose Colour Concentrate.  It also has a slight metallic finish. Beautiful for the summer!  

OCC Flawed

Also got Slate, which is a stunning, stunning deep grey glitter with light grey accents.  This would look great mixed with nail polish.

OCC Slate

So that’s it!! Check them out if you get a chance!