Yesterday M.A.C. brought out a bumper crop of new products, which included the limited edition Alice + Olivia collection, which is really small and selling out fast!!!  It’s really small and supposed to be kinda carefree and partylicious.

Entire collection, image courtesy of WWD

I was not interested in the dazzleglass cremes as I would have to wear them in conjunction with something else, but the pigments caught my eye!  They look a certain colour then they are supposed to transform into another colour when you add a light base or moisture.  They are not quite duochrome but still super cool!!

‘If It Sparkles…’ is listed as a white with transforming pearl.  It transforms into a cotton candy pink pigment.

‘Partylicious’ is listed as a bright turquoise with transforming pearl.  It transforms into a golden tinted pigment.

‘Later’ is listed as black with transforming pearl.

Top: Later pig., Bottom Left: If It Sparkles pig., Right: Partylicious

When swatched dry on bare skin, it looks black with specks of purple pearl.  It reminds me of the original greasepaint stick that came out with the Style Black collection last year, but in pigment form.

Later pigment, bare skin, dry, looks black right!!

BUT when layered over a light base, it is the most beautiful deep aubergine/gunmetal colour with brighter purple pearl.

Over a light base (paint pot), steely purple colour!!!

You know I love a purple so this one of course was my favourite one!

These pigments are versatile and would be a good addition to your arsenal.  Not a must have, but a really good to have.

They have already sold out online and the quantities are super limited in stores so snatch them if you can!!

Pics of the accompanying nail polishes coming soon!!!


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