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Hey guys!

So I recently started purchasing products from Inglot Cosmetics.  They are a Polish brand with tons of eye shadows, lipsticks, liner, everything.  Their colour palette is amazing and what really drew me in was their Freedom System.  The majority of their products come in pans so you could customize whatever palette you want. You can mix eye shadows of different textures, colour families or you can even create a palette with eye shadows, lipsticks and blushes.  Their palettes come in various sizes including a 40-pan palette.

I purchased 3 matte eye shadows from their Freedom System as I am interested in playing with different textures.  I am a sparkle girl, and I have very few mattes in my collection.

The first is Freedom System Matte Eye Shadow # 339

Inglot Matte Eye Shadow # 339

Inglot Matte Eye Shadow #339

This is a midtone grey with no shimmer.  Very good pigmentation.  The texture is very smooth and applies to skin without skipping.  I have tried matte shadows that were very hard (like cement) and therefore made it very hard to apply. I had no problem using various brushes and I was able to easily apply light washes as well as heavier applications.  This makes a good lid colour as the base for a smokey eye.  This is what I had in mind when I bought it, as an alternative to the black out smokey eye and would look great with a bright lip.

Next up is Matte Eye Shadow #357

Inglot Matte Eye Shadow #357

This is a midtone brown that reminds me a lot of M.A.C. Cork eye shadow except 357 has no shimmer.  This is close to my skin colour on my lid so I use this mainly as a blending/transition colour, in the crease to bridge the lid colour and the highlight colour. Or as a colour to tone down a brighter colour.  Once again, the powder is smooth with good pigmentation.  This colour tends to run a little cool, it’s not so red toned, but it is still neutral enough to work well with both olive and darker/tan skintones.  For ladies with paler skin, I think that this could work as a definer of the outer v of the eye.

Finally Matte Eye shadow# 368

Inglot Matte Eye Shadow # 368

Close up

This is a light peach-toned matte.  Again the texture is smooth and the powder applies easily over skin or an eye shadow base.  Good pigmentation.  I chose this colour because I needed a highlight colour  for my browbone. I chose this because paler colour can very easily look chalky especially in a matte finish and the peach warms it up a bit.

Here are the swatches:

Matte Eye Shadow (L to R): # 368, 357, 339

These are quite pigmented and applies better with brushes (rather than fingers).  I am really pleased with this purchase.  These are quality products for a good price and there are many colour options.  I will definitely be getting more matte shadows from Inglot.

The Freedom System Eye Shadow cost $5.00 US each, which is great considering you get 2.7 gms.  A M.A.C. eye shadow is 1.3 gms for about $14 – 15.  The only thing about Inglot is that it is not widely available.  There are a few boutiques across the US, including 2 in NYC, and they are available for sale online in the US.  They just recently launched in select Macy’s.  As far as I know, Inglot is not yet available in the Caribbean.  Check the international website for shopping locations.

Overall Grade: A

FTC Disclosure: The items mentioned were purchased by me, Noire Tropical Beauty.  For more information, please see my Disclosure Page.