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NoireTropicalBeauty MUFE Ultra HD foundation dark skin review

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

I don’t wear foundation about 99% of the time, but when I do, I look for something that helps me even out my skin tone and that feels like it is almost not there.  My philosophy, at least when it comes to foundation is, less is more. I know that everyone right now is about that full coverage….but I’m not here for that.  I want my skin to look flawless…but like I was born like that. Enter the Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation on dark skin.

Make Up For Ever has already established themselves as the leaders in both waterproof makeup and products that have amazing performance under the newest video technology.  Over the past few years, MUFE has be reformulating their entire line to get ahead of the changes in TV and film.  They have already brought out an entire new line of gel-textured eye shadows, which by the way, are mind-blowingly good!

NoireTropicalBeauty MUFE Ultra HD foundation dark skin review

The Details

This is an update to their original HD foundation, and this time they have made it even lighter in weight and added hyaluronic acid which helps make it suitable for all skin types.  It aims to give flawless, next best thing to skin coverage when viewed in 4K and 8K technology.  So what are 4K and 8K? Right now standard HD video is 1080p, and basically 4K is four times better than HD and 8K is 8 times.   So it’s called UHD (Ultra HD).  So if you think you can see every pore and wrinkle now, wait until UHD becomes more common! 

Back to the review.  So the existing line was reformulated and the colour range was also expanded to a fantastic 40 shades! 4…0 shades! There are few companies out there that boast of so many.  If you find a line with 20-25 shades, you would consider that luck.  They have also renumbered and broken the line up into Y(yellow based) and R(red based) shade.  If you look at some of the bottles, they have also included the corresponding shade number from the older line.  I picked up shade R530 which is shade 180 from the old line.  I love that they have not forgotten us darker ladies and have given us such a selection. 

NoireTropicalBeauty MUFE Ultra HD foundation dark skin review

My shade: R530=180


NoireTropicalBeauty MUFE Ultra HD foundation dark skin review

Love the pump top!

The UHD comes in a cylindrical, plastic bottle with a pump top and it contains 30ml of product which is pretty standard.  This makes dispensing much easier to control and you won’t run the risk of wastage from having to decant or breakage of the bottle.  The pump works quite well and dispenses a small amount of product. 

By the way, check out my video review or keep reading below the fold for more!!

The Physical Appearance

NoireTropicalBeauty MUFE Ultra HD foundation dark skin review

Swatch…just slightly red toned, closer to neutral

The consistency is that of a thin liquid.  Looking at all the shades they run closer to neutral, i.e. they are neither overly yellow-toned or red-toned and I am glad to see that in the darker range, they have some yellow-based shades. 

Performance Review

NoireTropicalBeauty MUFE Ultra HD foundation dark skin review

Wearing the foundation – check out this link for the tutorial on this look!

Since I like the minimum amount of coverage, I applied this with a duo-fibre (skunk) brush like M.A.C. 131 and applied it in circular motions.  It instantly blended into my skin and blurred out the hyperpigmentation and pores and dried to a demi-matte, natural finish.  Not dewy but not matte either.  I loved the look! I was super impressed.  It looked like my skin but even and I did not have any problems with it dragging on my dry skin.  The colour match was pretty spot on and I love that I was able to build the coverage up to a medium consistency.  I am sure that I could have gone for the full coverage look, but it looked amazing as is.  The lightweight nature of the foundation meant that I felt like I did not have anything on my skin and I loved the way that it made my skin look.  Pretty perfect without having to pile it on. And it photographs amazingly well!  I don’t usually powder my skin, because I do love the dewy look, but if you have oily skin, I would only apply powder sparingly if you want it to look totally matte.  I wore this foundation all day including taking a dance class and it wore really well.  My skin still looked amazing even after about 8 hours.  Even though I sweated a lot, I did not have the problem of runny, streaky makeup, once my skin dried again, I did not have to completely reapply the foundation.  My hyper pigmentation was still covered. 

What is also great about the Ultra HD foundation, is that how well it worked with other products and how beautiful other products laid on top of it.  I had no problem blending powders and creams on to of it and it helped them melt into the skin. Oh by the way, each box of foundation comes with a sample size of their reformulated Step 1 Skin Equalizer Hydrating primer.  I used this another time and it made the foundation even smoother and last even longer.

So all this to say, that I loooooooove it!! I have been telling everyone about this!  For those that like a more visual review, I also make a video, where I spoke about the product and did a mini demo.  So check it out!

This product is available in the US at Sephora as well as the Make Up For Ever website.  For my international readers, it is available in France, Singapore and some other locations.  Definitely check out their international website it see if they do worldwide shipping. This costs USD$43.

So let me know what you think?  Have  you tried it? Let me know in the comments below or on my video.  I will be posting a couple of looks using it. And sign up here for my email newsletter to get my latest reviews and tips curated for you!

Overall Grade: A+ (highly recommended)


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