I recently took advantage of the Zoya Polish Exchange program where you could turn in your old, icky polishes and get brand new Zoya polishes for half price!!  This is how I first discovered the line last year and I am forever hooked!!

So I picked 10 polishes – some from their most recent lines and a few classics.

Here’s what i picked out:


Richelle – This came out last summer ’09 I think and its a molten bronzey gold, with gold microshimmer.  A classic summer colour.  On me it looks like shimmery neutral, not too dark and not glittery.  Smooth formula.  I used 2 coats, but 3 is needed for total coverage and no visible nail line. This is a safe colour for brown (tan, black, latin, desi, arabic) girls.


Trixie– I heard a lot about his colour, as it’s very popular!! It’s a bold, futuristic, shiny foiled white silver.  The shimmer is fine and it has a minx-like foil finish.  I love this!!! It’s kinda like summer whites with an edge!! This would look a-mazing on dark skin as the contrast would make the colour pop!! I expect to see a colour like this in Vogue or SHE Caribbean magazine.  So glad I got this one!


Calypso – a midtone, peachy, coraly colour with microshimmer.  Very pretty, good on medium to dark skintones.  Also good for those afraid of bright colours.  This one is pigmented but a soft colour.  As a Trinbagonian, I could not resist this colour, it will work well on a trip to Maracas!

I got 4 colours from their summer 2010 Sparkle collection.  These all have a jelly-like base with fine glitter.  Like coloured foil.  These are very bright, very shiny, but are a little on the thinner side in terms of application.  So at least 3 coats are needed.  They are shown here with 2.


Nidhi – a bright apple red colour with predominantly light gold microfleck glitter. Really nice on medium-dark skintones.


Charla – a mermaid, sea blue colour with light gold and light green microglitter.  This is an eye catching beachworthy colour.


Ivanka – a luscious, deep green with light gold microglitter.  A very popular colour!  Not as dark as China Glaze’s Emerald Sparkle, but gorgeous all the same! Only 2 coats here, hence the thinness.  Trust, this is a beautiful colour.


Mimi – a dark royal purple with gold microglitter.  It’s a purple, what can I say! 🙂  This is photoing more blue, but its purple.

Finally, I got 3 colours from the Spring 2010 Reverie collection.  This collection had  lot of buzz surrounding it and I could absolutely see why!  These are some gorgeous colours!!! I think I like them better than the summer collection.  The formula is super smooth and all have a duochrome, smooth metallic finish. They look slightly different depending on the light so they have that 3D quality to them.  Two coats are fine here.


Adina – A very highly anticipated colour! A deep lavender, with a green alterego. Very unique, very beautiful.  A little difficult to photograph, you can see some of the green on the bottle near the ‘Zoya’.


Gwin – A juicy, bold orange.  I think this is gorgeous!!! The duochromeness (datz not a word, but whatevs) is less obvious.  The orange is the dominant colour, but it’s a bright, but not neon, deep beautiful orange.  This is definitely going as my next pedicure.  My darker ladies need to rock this colour!


Reece –  a warm dark rose duochrome with gold and green.  This colour looked kinda so-so in the bottle, but it was love on the nails!!! I love this one! It reminds me of M.A.C.’s Rose pigment in lacquer form.  It’s not too bright, not bubblegum,  and I think this is a universal colour, anyone from the very dark to light could wear this.  This one really surprised me!  This is a sexy colour.

That’s it!!!!

All polishes are available at zoya.com!


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