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I love shimmers and glitter polishes, but I appreciate a really vibrant, pigmented cream. Holding on to every bit of summer that I can, I have been loving these brights from Zoya’s Tickled Collection for summer 2014, especially as pedicure colours!

Tickled collection by Zoya


In general, I used two coats of polish for each shade. These are all very bright. I would even call them fluorescent or neon. I think they would look good on all skins tones, especially those with a deep tan or darker skin. They will really pop! The formula contains no shimmer, and it is a little thick but it’s not difficult to use. I also got good coverage on the nail for most of them. All Zoya polishes are Big 5 Free, and available for purchase at US$9 each.


Kitridge – a bright bubble gum pink. A light neon pink. It also was a little thicker than the others and applied a little streaky. I think one has to apply slightly thinner coats. It looks great against my skin tone but I am not a super fan of it. I think my issue is that there is pretty much a bubble gum pink in the last 3 Zoya summer collections. One may be a little brighter that the other, but pretty much the same colour. It’s nice, but eh…..


Rooney – a medium pink cream. Another bright colour, but a little bit more subdued. And….another pink. This one reminds me of the inside of a pink grapefruit. This one is nicer and I got better coverage on the nail. It was pretty much opaque in 2 coats. But this not a must have. It’s not the most unique.


Wendy – described as a juicy melon, and I could not agree more! A beautiful, bright, medium peach/coral colour that I love! I think that this is my favourite of the batch! It looks gorgeous on my dark skin. I wore this as a pedicure on the beach and it was super vibrant! Loooove it! If you are medium deep to deep skin, this is a must have! I got full coverage in two coats.


Rocha – a vibrant reddish-orange colour. It has more orange that red. It is also the only one that has the tiniest hint of silver shimmer or pearl running through it.  I am not sure that this adds to the overall look of the colour.  Zoya always throws one in in a crowd of creams! Another great colour! A fiery colour that I think is a great transition colour when it starts getting colder. Would look great on all skintones. Pair this with a black and white outfit (which is very on trend) as an accent colour. Full coverage in two coats.


Tilda – a very bright grass green cream with a fairly strong yellow undertone. Very bright! This reminds me of newly-formed leaves or a pack of old-school Wrigley’s gum! I think this colour would look better on darker skin rather than medium to lighter tones.


Ling – a beautiful, bright deep sea blue colour. It’s really unique. You don’t see this type of colour too often. It is not a deep colour like navy, there is still enough white in it to keep it from looking too dark. Another favourite of mine! Full coverage in two coats as well. Medium to dark tone wearers should look into this one as well.

This was a pretty good collection. My favourite colours were Wendy and Ling with Rocha being a close second. I think the inclusion of two pinks kinda threw me off. Again another collection where the majority of the colours are in the same colour family. Especially a light/pale pink. I would have loved to see an off-white (maybe an eggshell white) or a yellow or a lavender. But it’s still a wonderful bright collection with great coverage and finish.

Overall grade: A-

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