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Good day!

I have taken advantage of some recent sales and collected a few more nail polishes to add to my arsenal.  I got some stuff from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics and Zoya.  Both are vegan lines, by the way.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics haul

Listed from left to right: Extravaganza, Palare, Cruising, Tarred

Extravaganza by OCC

Swatch, Extravaganza

Extravaganza is part of OCC’s Fall 2011 collection, Pretty Boy.  I think for autumn, it is an unusual colour as it reminds me of summer, but it is warm somewhere in the world, isn’t it? LOL! Extravaganza is a pinkish-coral with  green-gold duochrome microshimmer.  This was one of the stand out colours from this collection, I love it.  It is bright but not neon and I think that it works well for women with darker skin as well as ladies with lighter complexion.  Finally I think that this colour is pretty neutral, not to warm or too cool.  I needed at least 2 coats for this one.  The formula is on the thinner side and not too streaky.

Palare by OCC

Swatch, Palare

Palare is another item from the Pretty Boy collection and another favourite of mine.  This is a bright pink/fuschia polish with a blue/purple duochrome microshimmer.  Formula was thinner and at least 2 coats are needed for this one.  This one leans more cool.

Cruising by OCC

Swatch, Cruising

A third item from the Pretty Boy collection (you can tell that I was all over Pretty Boy), Cruising.  This was one of their most popular colours.  A bright gold with gold shimmer that dries to a foiled finish.  Kinda like using gold leaf on your nails.  The shimmer is smooth and there was minimal streaking.  OCC describes it as a demi-matte metallic colour.  It is not sparkly like glitter but there is ‘flat’ shine to it.  Again 2 coats again is needed for full coverage. I will be rocking this for the holidays!

Tarred by OCC

Swatch, Tarred

For some strange reason, I did not own a black creme until this one. Tarred is BLACK.  JET BLACK.  TAR BLACK.  No shimmer at all and very glossy.  It really looks like the absence of light.  It does not lean blue or grey or green.  This is part of their original nail polish offerings.  Again 2 coats need for full impact.

Now to the Zoya stuff!!

Raven by Zoya

Swatch, Raven

So from Zoya I picked up another black called Raven.  This one differs from Tarred in that it contains a very fine silver microshimmer.  It is almost not visible, but the shimmer keeps it from looking as dark as Tarred, but it’s still dark and it’s a beautiful colour.  The forumla is good, no problems with streaking, fluid.  I applied 2 coats.

Petra by Zoya

Swatch, Petra

This is part of Zoya’s Fall 2011 collection, Smoke.  I love this colour!  A creamy, smoked, medium-dark, greyed purple.  It leans more purple than grey.  It is neutral colour that is a little cool.  Great colour for fall, for work, kinda understated sexy!!!! So I applied 2 coats of this colour and the formula is good.  Smooth with no streaking.

Neeka by Zoya

Swatch, Neeka

Neeka is from Zoya’s Mirrors collection.  Another greyed purple, but the base is more purple than Petra.  Also this one contains a foil-like silver, shimmer.  Definitely a darker colour than Petra.  I think I will be wearing this on my birthday!  Formula again is not a problem. Smooth and opaque in 2 coats.

I am pleased with my purchases!! By the way, I also picked up some Zoya Remove+ nail polish remover, which is seriously the best ever. Great selection of colours and they apply well.

Overall Grade: A

You guys picked up anything for Black Friday/Cyber Monday?

FTC Disclosure: All products purchase by me, Noire Tropical Beauty.  For more information, please see my Disclosure Page.