Hear nah,

I have been on a serious no-buy for the last 3-4 months.  I mean, I have bought NOTHING in terms of beauty!

While it has been the winter of the decade in the Big Apple, it has been hazy, HOT and dry in the twin island republic.  According to my brother, “…all you can do is drift in and out of consciousness, cuz it’s so hot!” It indeed has been very hot and even drier and not a drop of rain is sight, but I for one will never complain!!

So weeks ago I ran out  of lip balm weeks ago and have not bought anything because I wanted something natural, devoid of petroleum products. My lips have been parched!  Trinidad has not quite jumped on the natural bandwagon, in terms of consumer goods, so I’ve had no options.  Lo and behold, I walked into A Wonderful World at The Falls at West Mall and saw a box of natural lip balms!  They were from The Healing Garden Organics  collection in Wild Honey.

It is described as a conditioning lip balm with wild honey, aloe and shea butter.  Also contains Vitamins A, C, E.  Free of parabens, artificial colours, not tested on animals and full of natural and organic oils. It is also more than 70% certified organic.  This is a very good lip balm.  There is a strong scent of honey, and it is very emollient and creamy.  This will definitely get you through harsh weather conditions, whether heat or cold.  It is a touch below Oyin’s Honeysticks with respect to creaminess, but an excellent lip conditioner.  I am pleased!!!!

The Healing Garden Organics Wild Honey Lip Balm available at:

A Wonderful World

Ground Floor

The Falls at West Mall


Trinidad & Tobago


P.S. –  This product is also available in the U.S. and pharmacies and Amazon.com

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