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For those living in temperate zones, this is the final weekend of winter! Spring appears next week and I am excited!

Deep, smokey colours are making way for soft pastels and OCC is bringing out their new Sci-Fi inspired Spring collection.  Metallic pastels!!! Swatches as soon as I get them!!

Here’s some more information:

Introducing SCI-FI LULLABIES, OCC’s newest colour collection for Spring 2013! Spring has always been a time for transformation, and this season we explore the dichotomy between two realities: What is truth and what is fantasy. Showcased alongside Ready-To-Wear shades are fantasias of Couture Colors designed to transport you to your idyllic designation, whether it’s firmly planted on the Earth or exists only on an unexplored off-world colony. Inspired by the Science Fiction Genre, this collection of metallic shades will make on-lookers question if you are human…or more human than human.

LIP TAR            $18.00 USD

  • PRIS – Palest Champagne Metallic
  • LOVECRAFT – Iridescent Pink/Lilac Metallic
  • ZHORA – Pale Peach, Pink/Red Metallic
  • BATTY – Midnight Black/Gunmetal Metallic
  • CLOCKWORK – Rich Terracotta With An Orange Undertone
  • ANNIKA – Pale Neutral Peach

NAIL LACQUER            $10.00 USD

  • BATTY – Midnight Black With Silver Glitter (Glitter)
  • RIPLEY – Blackened Antique Gold (Metallic)
  • POND – True Royal Blue (Satin)
  • LEELOO – Vibrant Orange With Gold Shimmer (Metallic)
  • VIDEODROME – Greyed, Vaguely Teal Blue (Satin)
  • ELECTRIC SHEEP – Pale Lavender With Silver Shimmer (Metallic)

New Lip Tars!







This collection will be available from March 15 at the Ludlow flagship store, occmakeup.com and sephora.com

All info via PR