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M.A.C.'s Holiday 09: Magic, Mirth and Mischief Holiday Sets Part I

This is the beginning of M.A.C’s massive holiday collection.  I have not and probably will not get anything from this collection (gasp!!) ‘cuz, I need to save money and I don’t usually collection palettes or sets.  This collection is actually very pretty and I like the packaging, but I. must. resist! Details courtesy

Heavenly Dish Neutral Lip Kit – $22.00 USD

  • Floating Lightly – Pale neutral pink beige (Limited Edition)
  • Heavenly Dish – Sheer mid-tone neutral pink (Limited Edition)
  • Barely Visible – Glossy pale nude with pearl (Limited Edition)

Possessed By Pink Lip Kit – $22.50 USD

  • Tickled – Dark plum (Limited Edition)
  • Laugh A Lot – Creamy mid-tone blue pink (Limited Edition)
  • Sweet Smile – Glossy mid-tone pink with pearl (Limited Edition)

6 Sorceress Eye Shadow Palette – $36.00 USD

  • Magnetized – Light frosted lavender (Limited Edition)
  • Altered State – Deep frosted blue purple (Limited Edition)
  • White Rabbit – Frosted soft white (Limited Edition)
  • Edge of Dark – Charcoal with silver pearl (Limited Edition)
  • Hold My Gaze Mid-tone cool green grey (Limited Edition)
  • Hypnotizing Frosted grayed mauve (Limited Edition)

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Look of the Day: Bright Sea Blue


IMG_2679 text

Here’s my most recent look.  I used a very popular M.A.C. mineralized eyeshadow in Sea and Sky. Sea and Sky came out I think last year as one of the summer collections.  It’s a duo with a light blue marbled side (Sky) and a deep, bright blue.  I also used a popular technique that intensifies eyeshadows called foiling.

Foiling makes an eyeshadow look like liquid metal…or like the shiny, high gloss surface of foil paper. Not all shadows can be foiled.  For one, you generally only use shadows that can be used wet, loose shadows like M.A.C. Pigments and baked, mineralized shadows like M.A.C. mineralized eyeshadow and Urban Decay Baked shadows.  Do not use regular pressed shadows unless you are specifically told that its ok. Wetting these shadows can destroy them.

Secondly to get that shiny look, you need to use shadows that have shimmer or glitter in them. Can’t really use a matte colour to create shine (that totally defeats the point mattes!!!)

Lastly you need to use some kind of fluid to liquify the shadow, usually water-based, but whatever  works for you.  Two of the most popular media are M.A.C.’s Fix+ and water-based Mixing Medium.  Some people make their own using a mix of water and glycerin.  I use Mixing Medium, but everyone talks about Fix+.  I’m going to have to get it!!!

Enough chat!!!!! On to the look!

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Beauty News!! Fall Spa Week!

Hey folks!!!

It’s that time again for Spa Week!

According to the website:

“Twice a year, in the Spring and Fall, Spa Week offers full service spa treatments for only $50 at over 600 participating spas across the United States and Canada. Our goal is to introduce a new generation of consumers to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and to open up the spa industry to the masses.”

Fifty dollars?? That’s a great  price for spa services especially in NYC.  One place that is now one of the participants is the new Carol’s Daughter spa, The Back Room. This is at their Harlem Flagship store and it looks beautiful!!!!

Spa Week runs from October 12 -18.  For a list of participating spas in your area and for more info, go to

Beauty News!! Sephora @ 86th & Lex Opening!

Hi Ladies!!!

Quick news: A brand new Sephora is opening at 86th Street & Lexington Ave on Friday, October 30th from 9 am!  I went to the opening at the new Times Square location and it was crazy with makeovers, freebies etc., so I’m sure this will be fun!! I don’t think there are many Sephoras on the Upper East Side so this one should be packed!! Check it out!


Look of the Day: Easy, Soft Pink Look! & Red Cherry lash review

Hey folks!

IMG_2600 text

This is a look that I did earlier this week.  I also used Red Cherry Lashes for the first time.  And they are pretty good and inexpensive!

I heard A LOT about Red Cherry but did not want to order online, and silly me only just discovered Beauty 35 in NYC!  Really it’s a mecca for inexpensive beauty products, hair and makeup supplies.  Anyway, I bought one pair of Red Cherry lashes in #DEL just to test them out.  They cost about $2.99 and they were very thin, wispy and long! They were easy to put in and felt really comfy.  They get a thumbs up from me!

Back to the look!

IMG_2611 text

The Products….

  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance (TFSI)
  • M.A.C.  eyeshadow in Warming Trend
  • M.A.C. eyeshadow in Hepcat
  • M.A.C. Pigment in Smoke Signals
  • M.A.C. Kohl Power Eye Pencil in Feline
  • Givenchy Magic Kajal in #1
  • Red Cherry Lashes in # DEL
  • Duo Lash Adhesive in Clear
  • Maybelline Lash Stiletto in Very Black
  • M.A.C. brushes in # 224, 226, 239

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