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M.A.C.'s Liberty of London: A review

So this limited edition collection has come out in both the US and internationally.  Here are my 2 cents.

I love the packaging, they did a good job on this one.  The white background with the floral and bird motif works really well.  Even the inside of the boxes were printed with a multi-coloured floral pattern.  For those people that like to collect limited edition packaging from M.A.C., you won’t be disappointed.

For the rest of you, this is a good collection, not great but good.  A lot of the colours are dupable, but there were a few standouts.

1) Blue India Nail Lacquer –  The message boards have been buzzing about this one for months!  A beautiful, midtone tealish blue creme with a greyed effect.  Hot!!! Would really look good as a pedicure colour.

Blue India, swatch and bottle

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