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When your hair hands you lemons….make lemonade!


I recently went to The Makeup Show NYC and I wanted to try a new hairstyle. You know I live in twists and this time I wanted to try Bantu knots. I was looking for a looser, fluffier texture.

Actually Bantu knots are not new to me. Wore them a bit growing up along with canerow. Anyway, I have not tried this in a long time and this is the result.

My Bantu knot out!

Not bad, but not the best. I was looking for a smoother finish, but I love the volume I got. This was actually the second time that I attempted this. The first time was on damp hair, and even though I left the knots in overnight, it still was not dry and everything fell. The next time, I did about 10-11 knots on dry hair.

A different angle…

Check out that liner!

I will be working on perfecting this. I probably need to do this on stretched hair for smoother results.

Any suggestions or ideas?



Headscarf LOTD!

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So I had unraveled my two-strand twists and had my hair up in a high bun.  But it was a lazy Sunday and I really did not feel like playing or neating my hair so I did this little style with a scarf:

Scarf from J. Crew

Side view

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