Hi folks!!

I’m here with another look for Carnival 2010.  This time I chose yellow as a theme and again went back to Tribe for my yellow selection of choice.  Xi Ling Shi is Tribe’s offering and according to the website, Xi Ling Shi ‘was a legendary Chinese empress and the wife of the Yellow Emperor who discovered silk and invented the silk loom thousands of years ago’.  Again, gorgeous costume!!

Xi Ling Shi, image courtesy of CarnivalTribe.com

Xi Ling Shi, closeup, image courtesy of Carnivaltribe.com

Island People Mas also has an offering in yellow from their 2010 presentation, Kutchela.  Theirs is called Mudra, which ‘speaks of the importance of non-verbal communication among people’.  Island People’s explanation continues, ‘ With its clinical meaning given as hand gestures, it is the essence of what is captured and related through use of the limbs that is in its profoundest meaning- that of the story of life’.

Mudra, Female Frontline, image courtesy of IslandPeopleMas.com

And here’s my look!

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