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Natural Hair of the Day: The Stretched High Bun

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I typically do a high bun when I have unravelled my two-strand twists.  This time this was done on freshly washed, stretched hair, with some conditioner left in, and it was semi-dry.

Looks totally different!  I like!  And ladies, high buns are very on-trend for the summer. You can mix it up by using a patterned scarf and some tangerine lips. I am wearing this style in Turkey right now!

What do you think? What other ways do you make  your high bun???


LOTD: Quick twistout updo!

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So I tried this quick updo after I took down my 2-strand twists.

Updo from 2 strand twist out

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LOTD: Natural hair twistout

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Just a quick picture of my twistout.

2 Strand twistout

I keep my hair in a 2-strand twist about 95 % of the time.  It’s just easy.  But a few days before washing and deep conditioning, I take the twists out to allow my hair to breathe, rest, whatever.  I usually braid the roots and twist the rest of the hair.  As for products, right now I am using my ever faithful Oyin Handmade products and some other items.

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Two strand twists – a new protective style!

So here’s an update on my protective styling.  For those who don’t know, I pretty much live in protective styles because when it comes to my hair, I 1) am kinda lazy when it comes to styling, 2) like the convenience, 3) don’t like to wear my hair out when it’s cold (which is at least 75% of the year).  I wear a twisted style one week, then a twist-out bun the next, wash, repeat. Get it??  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE buying hair products, testing them out, but I have not that creative with styling.  So I’m trying to bust out of that.

Here is my usual protective style, a two-strand cornrowed flat twist:

Two-strand canerow

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So Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2011 drops in less than one week and as ah true, true Trini, I’m now getting around to this!!!

Anyway, as usual the bands have provided lots of inspiration for makeup looks, plenty brilliant colours, lots of beading, feathers, sequins, skimpiness!. You have to admit that it’s amazing!!!

So I chose two costumes to create a look around.

Island People Mas in Mars Secret!

Mars Secret, image courtesy of Island People Mas

TRIBE/Bliss Carnival Mas in Izumi Clan!

Bliss Izumi Clan, image courtesy of Trinidad Carnival Diary

Remember, this is the time to express yourself…be more bold. Accentuate your look with rhinestones, palettes, body paint, falsies, glitter, whatever you want. Also since you are going to be jumping up in the blazing sun and sweating, you want to use as much waterproof makeup as you can. Make Up For Ever makes an entire line of great products. Many other companies sell waterproof items, M.A.C., NYX etc. Just do a little research.

Note: My Trini folks, head over to The Falls at West Mall to the M.A.C. store and get some waterproof eyeliner, like the Technakohl eyeliner, the Paints, which can be used as a stay-put, crease-free base. They have a lot of options. A Wonderful World sells a lot of different drugstore brands that have waterproof items. Mascara, eyeliner and blush are musts in the waterproof formulas.

So here is the look that I came up with:

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