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Day 6: M.A.C. S/S'10 Face Charts for Rodarte, Malandrino & Baby Phat

The Crushed Metal Pigments sound exciting!!! Can’t wait to see them!!! Also looks like I could get another backup of one of the best, darkest, blackest, smokiest eyeliner pencils, Feline Kohl Power eyepencil. Do you think I love it enough?????

nyfwss10_mac Rodarte crop

“Tough beauty coming out of an Edgar Allen Poe poem. A mix between gang girls of early LA and condors – terrifying but devastatingly beautiful.” — James Kaliardos

Bone Beige Sculpting Powder – brushed into socket and under eye to slightly contour.
Eyelashes curled.
No mascara.

Face and Body Foundation – applied to skin for a transparent, matte finish.
Accentuate Shaping Powder – used to contour cheeks slightly.

Beet Lip Pencil – applied to center of lips for a reddish-wine stain.
Black Lip Mix and Fast Response Eye Cream – mixed and precisely outlined around Beet Lip Pencil for a soft-edged, transparent and full lip.

nyfwss10_mac malandrino crop

by Sudanese clans, Peruvian tribes , Saharan nomads and Polynesian natives.” – Tom Pecheux

Feline Kohl Power Pencil (coming soon) – dotted across, then smudged across lash line and onto lid with fingertips.
Plushblack Mascara – brushed through eye lashes and smudged through upper and lower lash lines and onto lid for a messy look, then reapplied and coated through eye lashes to finish.

Studio Sculpt Foundation – applied for a light coverage.
Studio Moisture Fix – layered on top of foundation to sheer out skin.
Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Medium, Dark and Deep Dark – dusted onto apples of cheeks and all over face to set and slightly colour.

Chestnut Lip Liner – rubbed onto lips with fingertips.
Kid Eye Shadow – dusted on top to create a matte finish.

nyfwss10_mac Phat crop

“A summer trip to Moracco in 1972. Dark, sexy and glamorous.” — James Kaliardos

Waveline Fluidline Eye Liner – applied to the eye lid in an elongated winged shape and under the eye as a base.
Deep Truth Frost Eye Shadow and Fly-by-Blu Pearlglide Eye Liner layered over to add colour and sparkle.
Blacktrack Fluidline – applied to darken the crease.
Light Violet Crushed Metal Pigment (coming soon) – brushed into the inner corners of the eye.
Light Beige Crushed Metal Pigment (coming soon) – to highlight the brow bone.
Blackdazzle Dazzlelash – swept through eyelashes.
44 lash – applied to exaggerate the eye.

Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation (coming soon) – to prep the skin.
Florida and Joie de Vivre Blushcreme (coming soon) – to contour and tan the skin.
Crushed Metal Pigment in Dark Pink (coming soon) – to highlight the high planes of the cheek.

Love Nectar Lustreglass – brushed onto lips for a sparkly, peach lip.


Day 5: M.A.C. S/S'10 Face Charts for Zac Posen, Carolina Herrera & Rad Hourani

nyfwss10_macZac crop

“A mix of Degas ballerinas and Jean Shrimpton from the 1960s. Graceful and delicate like a watercolour painting, colours blended like hydrangeas.” – Stephane Marais

White Pigment – applied to eyelid.
Dazzlelight Eye Shadow – layered over lids for a transparent, sparkle.
Lingering Brow Pencil – blended into crease to enhance and contour the eye.
Fibre Rich Mascara – generously app lied to top and bottom lashes to create a fake lashlook.
Clear Brow Set – to set brows.

Face and Body Foundation – app lied to skin for a dewy, sheer finish.
Prep + Prime Powder – to set.
Pro Paintstick in Magenta and Dolly Mix Blush – mixed and blended onto cheeks with fingertips.
White Frost Eye Shadow – dusted over tops of cheekbones to highlight.

Syrup Lipstick – patted onto lips.
Plumful Lipstick – blended with fingertips onto the corners of lips to add volume and contour.

nyfwss10_macCarolina crop

“A timeless , classic look. Fresh and really beautiful” — Diane Kendal

Retrospeck Eye Shadow – dusted all over lid up to eyebrow.
Brown Down Eye Shadow – brushed onto crease of the eye lid and used as liner on top and bottom, blended for a soft smoky eye.
Black Crème Liner – thin line applied to lash line.
Blackdazzle Dazzlelash – generously applied to top and bottom lashes.
Clear Brow set – brushed through eyebrows.

Mineralize SPF 15 Foundation (coming soon) – applied to skin for light coverage and a dewy, fresh finish.
Medium Blot Powder – dusted onto skin to set.
Style Powder Blush – brushed onto app les of cheeks to create a peachy shimmer.

Twig Lipstick – stained onto lip to enhance natural colour.

“Androgynous, groomed and healthy. It’s about beautiful skin.” — Hung Vanngo

Clear Gloss – patted onto lids from lash line up to brow for a natural shine.
Lashes curled.
No mascara.
Pro Longlash Barelash – brushed up and into brows to lighten brow colour.

Studio Moisture Cream and Prep + Prime Skin – to prep the skin.
Face and Body Foundation and Strobe Cream – mixed and brushed onto skin for a healthy glow.
MoistureBlend SPF 15 Foundation – applied where needed.
Luna Cream Colour Base – applied with fingers to high planes of cheeks.

Lip Conditioner – applied with fingertips for a natural lip.


Day 4: M.A.C. S/S'10 Face Charts for Behnaz Serafpour, Diane Von Furstenberg & Erin Feitherston

nyfwss10_macBehnaz crop

“The inspiration is old Hollywood black and white photos, tone on tone, shadows, no lines.” – Gordon Espinet

Copperplate Eye Shadow – blended softly into socket and under lower lash line.

Face and Body Foundation – applied in a sheer layer over the skin.
Studio Finish Concealer – applied where needed.
Taupe Blush – brushed onto cheekbones.
Copperplate Eye Shadow – swept under cheekbones.

Stone Lip Pencil – used to lightly line the lips.
Soothing Beige Lip Conditioner– patted lightly onto lip.

nyfwss10_mac DvF crop

“Looking to antiquity for flawless beauty. For me, Diane Von Furstenberg is a modern day goddess.” – James Kaliardos

Zoomblack Zoom Lash Mascara – brushed through curled lashes, on top and bottom.
Pearl Cream Colour Base – sheered onto lid with finger.
Lightest Gold Crushed Metal Pigment (coming soon) – applied at lash line.
Pinky Bronze Crushed Metal Pigment (coming soon)– brushed onto eyelid.
Copper Sparkle Crushed Metal Pigment (coming soon)– buffed into crease.

Face and Body Foundation – blended over skin.
Mineralize Skinfinish – powdered over t-zone to set.
Pink Crushed Metal Pigment (coming soon)– brushed from corners of outer eye down along tops of cheekbone.

Ember Glow Lipglass (coming soon) – brushed onto lips for slight shine.

nyfwss10_macErin crop

“A newton girl from the 1970s – sophisticated and strong but with a soft focus.” – Lucia Pica

Dip Down Fluidline – applied to upper and lower lash lines as an eyeliner base.
Brun Eye Shadow – layered over liner to intensify and set.
Cork Eye Shadow – blended around eye liner and up over eye lid, as well as underneath the lower lash line to create a soft, elongated smoky eye.
Teddy Eye Kohl – applied in the inner lower water line.
Coffee Eye Kohl – layered onto Teddy Eye Kohl to define the eye and bring out the light eye colour.
Black Dazzle Dazzlelash mascara – applied generously on top and bottom lashes.
Studio Finish Concealer – lightly combed through to eye brow to lighten if needed.

N1 and White Face and Body Foundation – mixed and applied with hands lightly to skin for a natural finish and porcelain glow.
Optimistic Orange Blushcreme (coming soon)– brushed onto temples and high on cheekbones with 118 Brush to create a light orange/brown sheen.

Lip Conditioner – to moisten the lips.
Studio Finish Concealer – touched around lips to soften the definition.


Day 3: M.A.C. S/S'10 Face Charts for Adam, Alexander Wang & Band of Outsiders

More new products to come!!!!!! See below!!!!

nyfwss10_mac adam crop

“She’s a tan, aristocratic girl hanging out in new york at the end of summer after vacationing all over Italy and France.
Beautifully polished, effortless and comfortable.” — Romy Soleimani

Modelette Eye Shadow (coming soon) – softly swept over lids with a
217 brushfor a velvety-sheer texture.
Light Beige Gold Crushed Metal Pigment (coming soon) – applied using a
219 brush to accent the inner corners of the eyes.
Fling and Lingering Brow Pencils – to lightly define and fill in eye brows.
Clear Brow Set – brushed upwards to hold brows in place.
No mascara.

Face and Body Foundation in C5 – applied to skin to prep the skin.
Matte Bronze Bronzing Powder and Golden Bronzer – mixed together and applied all over the face.
Refined Golden Bronzer – dusted onto cheeks for a tawny, sun-kissed look.

Fresh Brew Lipstick – mixed together and lightly patted on lips.
Matte – patted on top to create a matte, yet sheer and plush look.

nyfwss10_macKendal crop

“Strong brows and really beautiful, fresh dewy skin.” – Diane Kendal

Clear Lipglass – patted onto eyelid with finger to maintain natural colour and add a lot of shine.
No mascara.
Fling and Lingering Brow Pencils – brushed upwards to create bold, strong eyebrows.

Select Cover-up – applied where needed to create a sheer, dewy skin finish.
Lilicent and Ladyblush Blushcremes – mixed and lightly applied to apples of cheek.

Studio Finish Concealer – patted around edges and base of lips to give the lips a muted look, leaving natural colour in the center.
Lip Conditioner SPF 15 – layered on top.

nyfwss10_macBoO crop

“Cool and healthy sun-tanned surfer girls. Non-glamorous movie makeup.” – James Kaliardos

Bone Beige and Shadowy Sculpt powders – mixed together and very lightly applied to eyelids and sockets.

Face and Body Foundation – applied with brush 188 to create a sun-tanned look.
Posey Blushcreme – applied to cheeks with fingers.
Pink Swoon Powder Blush – layered on top.

Dim Lip Erase – patted onto lips with fingers.
Lip Conditioner – layered on top to create a moist look.


Day 2: M.A.C. S/S'10 Face Charts for Jason Wu, Preen & Costello Tagliapietra

nyfwss10_jason wu

“Monochromatic chic with a little edge and rawness. A Tim Burton girl – big, simple, sparkling eyes and amazing bold lips that look as though they were stamped on.” – Lucia Peroni

Kid and Cork Eye Shadows – applied with brush 217 to softly contour upper and lower lids.
Crushed Metal Pigment – lightly applied with fingers to lid and to Inner corners of eye to add slight sparkle effect.
Teddy Eye Kohl – smudged into roots of upper lash line and applied to lower water line.
Black dazzle Dazzlelash Mascara – swept lightly onto top and bottom lashes.

Face and Body Foundation – brushed onto skin to sheer out skin for a super light, dewy finish.
Mineralize Skinfinish Natural – to set.

Three lip looks.

Lip 1: (not shown)
Brick Lip Pencil – to line the lips.
Red Russian Lipstick – brushed onto lip to create bright bold red lip.

Lip 2: (shown above)
Pro Sin and Media Lipsticks – brushed onto lips as base.
Burgundy Lip Mix – layered over base to create a deep blackberry-currant lip.

Lip 3: (not shown)
Currant Lip Pencil with mix of Pro Smoked Purple and Cyber.


“Kate Moss in the early 1990s. A masculine/feminine look with a futuristic touch. Girls that look undone but still super beautiful and confident.” – James Kaliardos

Pro Sculpt and Bone Beige Sculpting Powders – applied with brush 213 to carve hollows of eye socket.
Platinum Pigment – applied to inner corners of eyes to add a pop.
No mascara.

Pro Sculpt and Bone Beige Sculpting Powders – brushed onto temples and cheeks to contour and lightly sculpt the face.

Lip Conditioner – patted onto lips.
Fascinating Eye Kohl – buffed onto cupid’s bow of lip to perfect the shape.


“Glamorous, yet very subtle and comfortable. A 1940’s movie star with A hint of an edge.” – Lisa Butler

Industry Powerpoint – smudged into upper and lower lash lines.

Studio Moisture Tint – applied with brush 190 where needed.
Optimistic Orange Cremeblush
(coming soon) – blended onto cheeks with fingers to add warmth to the face.

Ember Glow Lipglass
(coming soon) – patted onto lips to add a light pigment and a balm-like texture.

It seems like there are a few new products coming for the spring!!!!!!!


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