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How To Do: An easy summer smokey eye makeup tutorial

In one of my more recent videos, I wore a very simple, soft smokey eye. The smokey eye. One of the, maybe the most popularly requested eye look. It evokes a certain mysteriousness and sexiness. It can take many forms, use a variety of colours, not just black. This one is going to be simple and slightly smokey. A rose gold inspired, summer smokey eye makeup tutorial. Great for daytime, when you want just a little sumthin sumthin! It also works as a summertime look when you don’t want so much intensity. I used neutral colours with golds, but you can greens, navys, purple, be creative!

A smokey eye makeup look does not have to include black - use navy, green, creative! Click To Tweet

All the products are listed below and so is the video tutorial!

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial – Video


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5 simple tips for an amazing twistout on natural hair (Video)

So, 90% of the time, I am wearing my hair in two-strand twists. I have been wearing this protective style for years. Once I ‘discovered’ that I could do this, it was on! And I love the twistout that I get.  And I have been getting consistent results using this technique for years!

After washing my hair, I detangle and twist my hair at the same time. I only started doing this recently and it has cut down my twisting time significantly. Like, significantly… still takes me hours to complete the style, but not nearly as much time. I wash, detangle and twist every fortnight, and about 3 days before my next wash, I unravel the twists and wear it out. I have found that it is easiest way to protect my ends, and have a low manipulation style for an extended period.

The Twistout Results


Twistout results




I have created a step-by-step guide to how I create my twistouts.

Five Twistout Tips – Step by Step Guide

Do you know the secret to my twists to make them stay almost two weeks? I braid or plait the first inch or so of hair! So here are the rest of the steps that I take to achieve amazing results!

  • Make sure your hair is properly detangled. I finger detangle, then use a wide tooth comb
  • Well hydrated and moisturised hair helps make for a smooth twist. I create my twists on damp hair to cut down on breakage. I try not to manipulate dry hair to often. I also use the LCO method for prepping my hair i.e. I layer my leave-in conditioner, then a styling cream then an oil (in the form of a pomade).
  • Plait the first inch of hair then twist
  • Keep your fingers close to where the two strands meet instead of being lower down the length of hair.
  • Twist each individual strand before twisting the strands together.

And here’s the video! Enjoy! Let me know what you think and what are your favourite products to use for your twistouts. 

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P.S. – I will do a separate post on my favourite products for doing my twistouts

P.P.S. – These are the products mentioned in the video 

FTC Disclosure: Products were purchased by me, Noire Tropical Beauty.  All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own. I have not been compensated for this review.  For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.

How to get a beautiful ‘No-makeup’ Look on Dark Skin

No-makeup makeup on dark skin


There is a lot a makeup out there. Just browsing through Pinterest or IG, and you will see all kinds of amazing (and not so great) makeup looks and tutorials. But sometimes, you don’t want all of that. You may have 5 minutes in the morning or you are just going to run errands. Or you are not in the mood for a cut-crease, lashes and contouring. So….this is my ‘no-makeup’ makeup look.

No-makeup makeup on dark skin 3


This look is a great, everyday, best version of you look. It is actually what I wear to work. Pick your favourite neutral shades and just apply foundation or concealer as needed. This is a simple, fuss-free look. Don’t think too much about it. And this a really good starting point if you decide to amp up the look a little bit with a brighter lip or a more intense eye.

Here’s my tutorial and all of the products that I used are listed below.


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Festive New Year’s Eve party makeup on dark skin!

New Year's Eve party makeup tutorial main


It is the very end of 2016! The very last day! I am not going to go into how crazy this year has been. I’m going to keep it really upbeat.  This is a festive New Year’s Eve party makeup tutorial that will also work for the upcoming Carnival fete season.  We are officially in the Christmas period, but since Christmas night, deejays have been playing the latest soca offerings for 2017.  We doh make joke with Carnival!

I decided on this look when I saw a video posted by the legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, portraying her latest Skin Labs offerings.  Cream and powder metallic and glitter eye shadows in silver, bronze, gold and copper.  I did not pick any of these kits but loved the look so much for its simplicity and its impact.  

Here is the look

New Year's Eve party makeup tutorial 1

New Year's Eve party makeup tutorial 2

New Year's Eve party makeup tutorial 3

New Year's Eve party makeup tutorial 4

I could not decide on the lip so I am showing you both!

I am using many of my favourite products for 2016 as well as some more recent purchases.  If you don’t have the exact products that I used, pick up some great inexpensive alternatives from NYX, and ColourPop Cosmetics.  

The complete video tutorial is below and I have listed all the products used.

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Holiday Makeup look red lips tutorial for WOC

Hello all!

We are well into December, and I am in the Christmas spirit! Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year!  There is something about the atmosphere and mood of the place that I love.  The smells and sounds of this time of year are vivid in my memories from since childhood.  I think I may love the run up and anticipation of the holiday more than the actual day itself.  I have been playing parang since October!  So, in the spirit of Christmas, I am doing a simple, but glam holiday makeup look, that features a bold red, Christmas-y lip.  This is great look to quickly go from desk to dinner or to your company holiday party.  I kept the eyes understated as this is all about the lips!

Here’s the video!

All products used are listed below!

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