What an event!!!

But before I get to that, let me talk about the event held Saturday night by Erin a.k.a Scandalous Beauty.  This was a meet and greet at the Taj II lounge in Chelsea.  A very relaxed, chill event where I got to meet some people that I have been watching on YouTube since I discovered it, including Erin from Scandalous Beauty, Cindy aka DRBrooklyn730, Aina from Lacquerholic and Ivette from Girl Can Paint.   Also met some fashion and music bloggers, photographers from all across the East Coast and it was great interacting with such a diverse crowd.  This was just a preview of things to come!!

I was not 100% sure of what to expect of The Makeup Show, so I bought a ticket for only one of the two days.  Note to self: Make sure yuh buy ah ticket for de two days nex’ year.  It’s absolutely worth it!!!!!!!!

This is an event held yearly in NYC by the Powder Group and Michael DeVellis.  There are other shows hosted in other cities like Miami, L.A. and Chicago.  Check the Powder Group’s website for details.

The NYC version is the biggest trade event for makeup artists, makeup brands, bloggers and enthusiasts.  I got there at about 9:20 am and there was already a line outside the Metropolitan Pavilion!!! Once inside, I literally was blown away!  Many of the top makeup brands had booths: M.A.C. Pro, Make Up For Ever, Inglot, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Eve Pearl,  Smashbox Pro.  There were some lesser known brands like Yaby and Youngblood.  Airbrush company Temptu Pro, well known professional lines Mehron and Graftobian, Crown Brushes and Nigel’s Beauty Emporium also made appearances.

This was an amazing experience!!!!  So many people, all different styles of makeup, body painting.  I was in awe!! I was able to learn a lot of little tricks and tips.  I was able to see how other famous makeup artistes worked and watched them create, in my opinion, gorgeous results that seem so effortless.  I hope that one day, I could attain that level of skill!!!  I walked around in circles just looking at all that makeup and products.  MUFE had a perpetual line for their cashiers, like 30 people deep! All day long….

People were for sure buying these…..

The new MUFE Aqua Creams! They're waterproof!

This was also a who’s who of the blogging world.  I was able to meet many of the people that I have been following for years on YouTube and on their blogs.  They are all amazing, beautiful women, very friendly and gracious and totally did not mind me coming up to them.  It was like ‘ah big lime’!  Here are some of who I met:  Amina from Coup de coeur, Brittany from Clumps of Mascara, Kia from Yummy411 and her contributer DarbyGirl aka Antoinette, Nikkia from Silver Lips Beauty, Awilda from The Makeup Republic, Marsha from BrownFace TV, Lianne from The Makeup Girl, Yinka from Vex in the City (she came in all the way from across the pond!!!), Erin from Makeup Fiend (OMG she is statuesque and so is her mum!), Starr from GangStarr Girl, Karen aka AmeriTrini.  A lot of people! Apologies to anyone I may have omitted, link mih up in de comments!!!! An’ send pictures too!!!

I also spent half the day attending seminars, which gave me the opportunity to see masters at work and a chance to meet them!!!!  I attended the Achieving Editorial Beauty with Jon Hennessey, Tools of the Trade with James Vincent, Hollywood’s Red Carpet Trends with Lori Taylor (who has amazing skin and beautiful blonde curly hair!), Durable Divas with Kevin James Bennett (who was hilarious!), Charlie Green’s Making Up With and watched a demo from Eve Pearl.  In addition to meeting these artists, I also met David Klasfeld from OCC , Johnny Lavoy and Orlando Santiago (from a distance)!!

A few of the things that I learned from these seminars were:

1) Skin prep is key! If you don’t have well moisturized, primed skin, the rest will be a mess.

2) Do your research and create a look based on the context of the shoot and make changes based on the model’s features.  Don’t come in with a set plan and then stick with it.  For example, a smokey eye does not necessarily need dramatic liner if the drama is coming from the smokiness of the crease and browbone.

3) Build your colours up, lay down your lighter colours then add.

4) You don’t need to go crazy buying the most expensive brushes, buy what you could afford.

5) Use synthetic hairs for creamy, emollient products.  They will destroy your natural haired brushes!

Amazing orange & teal look w/falsies from Kevin-James Bennett for MUFE!

Beautiful, unique pigments from OCC

Body Painting by M.A.C. Pro

Lots to buy, even more to see.  I will definitely go again next year, I had a lot of fun!! And as we say, “It was bess’!!!!!”

Special thanks to Michael DeVellis, David Klasfeld and Kristina!!


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