Hey guys!

So in 2008, Vogue Italia turned the fashion world upside down (at least for a few months), when they brought out “The Black Issue”.  An all-black issue, cover to cover, featuring just about anyone who was hot or legendary at that time.  The buzz was so great that the magazine sold out around the world in days!  This is for a magazine printed in Italian! And it was in such demand that Vogue reprinted tens of thousands of copies in the U.S., U.K. and Italy.  That had never been done before!  I was certainly one of those that scooped up a copy.  Of course, the chatter of ‘could black models on covers sell?‘ was raised to a crescendo.   We won’t know for sure as still, in 2011, women of colour in major magazine are still very few and far between.

Anyway, they’ve come back in 2011 with the all-black photo spread ‘The BlackAllure’.  Pretty much the who’s who of the black modeling world.

Image courtesy of Coco & Creme

Image courtesy of Chanel Iman

I must say, these photos are stunning! Opulent, decadent, colourful, sultry, all of that!  Different shades, different looks, different nationalities, all gorgeous.  I can’t wait to see the fashion credits.  This spread comes out in the February issue.

I am definitely conflicted on this one.  What say you?

Check out more photos here and here.  Photos courtesy of Coco & Creme and Chanel Iman.