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It’s December already!! I love this month! We are knee deep into the holidays and everyone is going crazy shopping and prepping! And….it has gotten really cold here in NYC. L  And it gets dark by 4:30pm.  So this would be a great time to reminisce on warmer, brighter days.  Earlier this year, I took a trip with a few friends to Turkey.  It was incredible and amazing!! I luv’d it!  It’s the perfect mix of The Middle East and Europe.  The architecture, the food, the culture.  I’m definitely going to go back, soon!!!!  What happened to art in Italy during the Renaissance, it happened to architecture in Turkey during the Ottoman Empire.

So here are some of the gorgeous sights to Turkey.  I will be posting some other Turkey related beauty stuff , including a makeup look inspired by art!!


NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 2

Ottoman style!

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 3

Sultanahmet Camii

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 4

Turkish pottery

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 5

Ceiling tiles – gorgeous gold!

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 6

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 7

Me and Medusa at the Basilica Cistern

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 8

Islam and Christianity in harmony! The Ayasofya.

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 9

Entrance to the Topkapı Sarayı (Palace)

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 10

The view from the Palace!

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 11

Ataturk Monument in Taksim Square

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 12

The best sweets!! Baklava from Hafiz Mustafa

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 12

Rock formations in Cappadocia

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 13

Ancient Greek and Roman ruins at Ephesus

NoireTropicalBeauty Turkey trip 14

Gorgeous Bodrum on the Aegean


Gule gule!

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