So, I have not been a fan of Bobbi Brown.  I just thought that their makeup was too…plain, I was used to the bold offerings of M.A.C.  I even went to get a makeover done at the Bobbi  Brown counter at Saks and left feeling, well you know…plain!!!  For me the colour offerings were too limited and it was too much work to look like I was wearing nothing at all.

But over the years I think that they have refined their look a little and I even bought Bobbi’s latest book, which is really good especially because it gives an insight into becoming a makeup artist.  So it went beyond basic beauty.

For Spring 2010, Bobbi brings Cabana Corals, a very beachy, summery collection.

Cabana Corals, Spring 2010

And I’m allllll about summer!  I am not a coral girl but I think that this is the first collection that I am interested in.  It looks bright for BB and the shimmer bricks are #1 on my list.  I’ve heard a lot about the shimmer bricks and I think I want to try.  Has anyone tried this collection????

Nectar Shimmer Brick, #1 on the list!!!

Pink Quartz Shimmer Brick

Pot Rouge

Shimmer Lipsticks

Shimmer Lip Gloss

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