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“Whey de lime” Fridays – Midsummer edition

It’s the dog days of summer! It’s the middle of summer and there is so much happening! And it’s really hot! Just as I like it…so here are a few things that I am looking forward to this weekend in NYC.  And just a heads up…look out for my post of the Manus x Machina exhibit at The Met featuring some special nail art!

NYC African Food Festival

summer events nyc African Food Festival

Feijoada, courtesy of Fort Greene Focus and NYCAFF

I have been waiting for this for MONTHS! A 2 day event in Brooklyn celebrating the beauty and diversity of cuisine from the African continent.  I am so ready to learn so much and eat even more.  Being from the Caribbean, our food is heavily influenced by West African cuisine.  There may be tickets available so check out the website here.

The Rio Summer Olympic Games

Opening Ceremony, Rio 2016 summer events nyc

Opening Ceremony, via

I am a big time sports lover! And not just during major events! If I am not blogging, I am watching sports.  So I will be watching the Games of the 31st Olympiad. Swimming is wrapping up and the Track & Field events will be starting this weekend.

What are you doing this weekend?


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Want to make your detangling a little easier? Try Anita Grant’s Original Rhassoul Condish

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Years ago, when I first decided to stop relaxing, one of the names being kicked around the natural hair forum boards was Anita Grant.  Based in London, UK, mixologist Anita Grant has been making all natural hair products for a while.  So I decided to order a few items and my order included her famous Rhassoul Condish blocks.  I think it took about 2-3 weeks to get my package as it was coming across the Atlantic, but I am not sure what the shipping times are like now.

Anita Grant Original Rhassoul Condish

Fast forward some years later and I realized that I still had 3 blocks in my refrigerator!! So one evening, I gave my hair a little extra TLC.  The condish block is made primarily of organic Rhassoul Clay (Moroccan) but also contains some very moisturizing ingredients like cocoa butter and honey.  The clay is supposed to fortify hair, protect it from free radicals, detoxify the scalp and improve manageability.

So I followed the instructions on the website, and used a glass bowl and plastic fork to prepare the mixture.  Due to the high mineral content of the clay, they may interact with metal.  I used one cube of Rhassoul Clay and added enough hot water to create a loose paste.  It took about 10 to 15 minutes to break up the cube with the fork.  It looked like Milo or chocolate milk.  I have used coconut milk instead of water, but surprisingly this Caribbean woman had none in her apartment! :-/

The Condish! 1 cube

Mixing the condish with hot water

So I cleansed my hair in the shower and squeezed out the excess water.  I divided my hair into quarters and applied the Rhassoul mixture.  I made sure that I got it on my scalp and throughout my strands.  It did not drip and it dried quickly on my hair, but I wrapped it in some plastic wrap and left it on for 30 minutes.

My hair before the treatment. An old twistout.

The clay in my hair, after 30 mins

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My experiment with bentonite clay on my natural hair!

So I returned from an amazing trip to Turkey and I needed to give my hair a little TLC.  I decided to do a deep cleanse with bentonite clay.  What’s bentonite clay you ask??  I used Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with contains 100% natural calcium bentonite clay, which I bought at Fairway in NYC for $6.95.  You can find this at other stores and all over online.

Image via Vitacost

A bit on bentonite clay…

Calcium bentonite or green bentonite is a naturally occurring clay that is known for it’s highly absorbing and detoxification properties.  It can be used both internally and externally, but if you are going ingest bentonite clay, do copious amounts of research and proceed at your own risk!  Anyway, calcium bentonite absorbs many things, water, oil, sebum, dirt, toxins, metals, free radicals, bacteria and other kinds of impurities and it is quite popular in the haircare and skincare communities.  Many people with oily or acne-prone skin make facial masques as it quite effectively removes surface oil.  I got some of it on my forehead and my dry skin felt suuuuuuper tight, so I know it works!  I used it to cleanse and detoxify my hair, like a hair masque.  So here’s how I mixed it:

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Natural Hair

So I have been transitioning to my natural hair texture for almost a year and a half. I have kinky, coily hair, but I don’t know what type it is (3C?, 4A?, whatever). I am not really interested in getting caught up in ‘type-ing’ my hair, that takes a lot of energy and I don’t think it’s ultimately important.

Anyway, I just spent a week at the beach (what’s up Fire Island ladies…and lad!) and needless to say my hair was super parched and tangled.  When I got home, I decided to make a little concoction to help me detangle and moisturize.  I went to the grocery and bought a large aloe leaf.  You could usually find this in Latino and Asian markets. Back home in the Caribbean, as a child, we would also use the flat cactus leaves (the ones that had few pickers, needles).   I did some research online and decided to make a very simple mix:

Aloe Vera Detangler Recipe

1 large aloe vera leaf

2 tablespoons, extra virgin, organic coconut oil

1 tablespoon vegetable glycerine

I forgot to add honey, which is great for hydration as it draws moisture from the air (next time!!)

I scooped the inside of the aloe vera leaf out, and added the other ingredients.  Then I placed the mix into the food processor and pulsed it for a few seconds.  I then sectioned my hair into quarters and applied liberally.  I added a moisturizing conditioner  (L’Oreal’s  Nature’s Own, Mega Moisture Nuturing Creme) on top of that, covered with plastic and left it on for at least half an hour.

Let me tell you!! This made detangling super easy as the slip was AH-Mazing!!! Tangles just fell out. So I am going to add this to my routine, probably once a month or so. My hair was also left moisturized.

Things I learned….

  • I did not pulse the aloe enough and I had small bits of aloe in the mix… and all over my hair, small ting!! I think the next time I will blend the mixture and then pass is through cheese cloth or a linen sieve so I’ll just get the gel part.
  • Add honey for more moisture and antibacterial properties
  • Add oils like peppermint or rosemary
  • Use this mix with my beloved Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner.  This might just be the ultimate moisturizing deep conditioner.

What recipes with aloe vera do you have for your hair???