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I thought that the announcement of P!nk as the newest Covergirl spokesperson was a pretty big deal.  I was not prepared for what came next!!! To show us that they are not playin’, Janelle Monáe was announced as a new spokesperson as well!!!


I think that these are AMAZING choices!! I could not be happier!!! I am glad to see that COVERGIRL is stepping out of the proverbial box and not bringing the typical, safe, cookie cutter choices (ahem…Taylor Swift).  Both of these women are very talented, stunning, and unique and they have such big, complex personalities!  Did I tell you that I love these choices???  It is very cool and so 2012 that the girl with tattoos and pink hair or the girl that rocks a natural pompadour and is black can be a covergirl.  These are what the girls next door to me look like.

P!nk, image courtesy of Rolling Stone

P!nk as a COVERGIRL.  I wish there were more pictures of her.

Image courtesy of COVERGIRL

I love this look on her! You know I’m snatching up that lipcolour!! Makeup by Pat McGrath!

Check out this video!

Here’s another great choice for a COVERGIRL, Marlen Esparza, London Olympics bronze medalist for the US in boxing!!

Marlen Esparza, image courtesy of realcombatmedia

What say you??