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So I had unraveled my two-strand twists and had my hair up in a high bun.  But it was a lazy Sunday and I really did not feel like playing or neating my hair so I did this little style with a scarf:

Scarf from J. Crew

Side view

I used a large square silk scarf from J.Crew, folded it in a triangle then folded the triangle into a band, starting at the apex of the triangle.  I then took a small section of hair in the front to act as bangs.  The rest of the hair remained in the high bun.  I then wrapped the silk band around my head, starting as the nape of the neck and folding forward.  I tied the ends of the scarf into a knot at the top to my head.  Finally I folded the bangs over the knot (to hide it) and tucked the ends of the hair under the scarf.

Top view


This is perfect for the warmer weather, to add a little style, a pop of colour or to rescue a bad hair day!  Let me know if you want a video tutorial!



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