So last Friday, I went to the KBB after-work event.  It was a great day in the Big Apple, nice weather, a taste of spring, so I was game to going.  So I trekked over to my old nabe in Brooklyn and the place was packed! People spilled out onto the sidewalk.  Lots of beautiful women, great natural hair, different textures, colours and styles.

KBB event, it was packed!!!!!

That’s always pleasing to see.  I pretty much spent the time meeting other amazing people, bloggers, YTers, and chatting about different techniques and styles.  There were some better known bloggers there like Jenell from KinkyCurlyCoilyMe, Yvonne from AfroCrownDiva, Zara from Leave In The Kinks, Milan from A Grl Can Mac, Yardley, Editor-In-Chief of The Coil Review, YTers Sweeteababy0427, Chery818, SumKindaWndrful and Taren916.

Me with Chery (left)

Towards the end of the night, Karen spoke about some of the new ideas for 2011.  She even had her test out scent samples for her new Spring fragrance.

Karen speaking, love her massive fro!!

Sounds like lots of exciting products to look forward too! I think this was a wonderful event and I hope there would be more to come, especially as it starts getting warmer! 🙂

KBB event

Anyway, anyone else attended??? Link me up in the comments section below.  Also, if you have pictures (especially with me in them), send them too!