Hey guys!!!

So I attended some of the festivities during Fashion’s Night Out in NYC.  Could I just say that FNO was just straight insanity!

FNO - Insane!!!

I don’t every remember every seeing that many people on Manhattan Island ever!!! People were just out and about, having a ball! SoHo was unbelievable…People like peas! 🙂

One place that I visited was Henri Bendel.  Once inside, I discovered that the GINGER+LIZ counter was offering free polish changes!!! Claro que si, I could not resist!!!!

GINGER+LIZ is a fresh, young, hip , organic nail polish collection and minority-owned business, founded by S. Liz Pickett and H. Ginger Johnson.  It’s luxury on a budget and there is something for everyone.  Personality in a bottle.  So whether you like something bold, chic, sophisticated or laid back, and still grown, G+L’s line totally caters for you.  They are also vegan-friendly and toxin-free (which is becoming more normal nowadays).  They are immensely popular with magazine editors, celebrities and regular folks, and I could absolutely see why!

I am really impressed by their initial offerings.  They carry both cremes and metallics, which both look amazing, but I am naturally drawn to the glamor of a metal finish.  Their formula is great!  Not to thin or thick, easy to apply and quick drying.  Their brush is wide and flattened, like OPI’s brush and contains 398 strands, but it does not feel too bulky and does not apply too much polish.  I have small, fairly narrow nail beds and I could coat my nail in 1-2 strokes.

So at Bendel’s, I selected my free mani in ‘Got My Groove Back’, which is a STUN-NING brushed metallic gold.

Got My Groove Back - no streaks!

This is one of their most popular colours and I could see why!! It’s gold but muted, but very reflective at the same time.  The texture is very smooth, more like having gold dust mixed in, as opposed to gold glitter.  No streaks!!! The finish is very foiled.  I think its bold enough to party in, but still very sophisticated and work-friendly.

Needless to say, I had to get that colour!  It’s gorgeous!!!

Next on my list: Blowin’ Money Fast (a deep, forest, metallic green), Swagger (a metallic rose-tinted silver) and Tuck Me In (a metallic mercury colour).  The polishes retail for $12 each.

Seriously, don’t sleep on this brand.  I have met both of these ladies, and they are super cool!

Check them out at www.gingerandliz.com


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