Here’s my mini haul! As per usual, M.A.C. brings out a summer collection that I love.  Large collection, with many components, so there is something for everyone.  Very bronze and very bright.

Anyway, did not get much, just some must-haves for me!  Still thinking about some the lipsticks and the stick bronzers (although they remind me of the NARS multiples).

Sun Blonde

M.A.C. Surf Baby eyeshadow in Sun Blonde

Sun Blonde

Swatch, Sun Blonde

One of the two eye shadows that I picked up.  I’ve been collecting a lot of yellows.  This one is a dusky, banana yellow with a white pearl finish.  Labelled as a frost, but it is not chunky.  Also it is not as pale as it looks, good colour payoff, but not very heavily pigmented.

Surf, USA

M.A.C. Surf Baby eye shadow in Surf USA

Surf, USA

Surf, USA swatch

I get sick for a teal! I just can’t let one pass me by.  I surely have ‘enough’ of them, but whatever!! Btw, I also like the packaging.  A bright teal with a white frost finish that is fairly subtle.  Leans on the cool side, but people with warm complexions (especially those with tan to dark skin) can absolutely rock this colour.  Use on the lid or line the lower line.

My Paradise

M.A.C. Surf, Baby Cheek Powder in My Paradise

Close up, love the hibiscus embossed on the surface!!

OMG! Had to get this when I saw it.  This probably sold out first, cuz M.A.C. has a habit of creating items that are aestetically beautiful as collector’s items. This is just too pretty to use! Love, love the dark gold overspray on the hibiscus.  It’s even prettier than last year’s Marine Life and I think more wearable.  This is a cheek powder that is midtone corally-brown.  Very little shimmer.  Mixing with the gold overspray (which eventually wears away) produces a coloured bronzer.  Very nice M.A.C.!!

That’s it!!!! What did you haul?? Any other recommendations?


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