I have been using Paula’s Choice products for a few years now. I have even gotten my Mum hooked on some of her products too! I am always drawn to well-thought out, well researched skincare brands that rely on hard science when making their formulations. Paula Begoun is one of the better known skincare experts in the cosmeceuticals industry. I like that her products have simple ingredient listings i.e. there are not a lot of ‘filler’ ingredients, added fragrance and are made for use by people with skin sensitivities. She also gives you ingredients that are in high enough concentrations to be effective. The last thing that is pretty unique about PC, is that she includes published research from medical journals that support her decisions for using particular active ingredients.

Paula’s Choice Products – Video

In this post I will be talking about the 3 products that I have been using from Paula’s Choice. These are the Paula’s Choice RESIST C15 Super Booster 15% Vitamin C, RESIST Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% AHA & RESIST Intensive Repair Cream. For more details on each individual product, please check out my video below.

Paula’s Choice Products – Ingredient Review and Product Usage

Paula’s Choice products are cruelty-free, contains no added fragrance or dyes and manufactured in the USA.

Paula’s Choice RESIST C15 Super Booster 15% Vitamin C (USD$49 for 0.67 fl. oz.)

Paula's Choice RESIST C15

Image via Dermstore

This product has a very watery consistency with a distinctive citrus smell and a very pale yellow/orange tint. I apply it directly to skin after toning but it can also be added to your moisturiser. It comes in UV safe packaging. Once your product has deepened in shade, it is time to be thrown out. I use this right after cleansing and toning in the morning.

Active Ingredients: L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)

L-Ascorbic Acid is found in multiple levels in the skin and is vital for the production of collagen. This is how Vitamin C is helpful in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also attacks the oxidants (free-radicals) that damage the structure of skin which also causes wrinkles.

Vitamin C is also protects against the damage from UV exposure. It attacks the free radicals that are activated by sun exposure therefore it protects the skin and it also prevents photo-damage, which includes overproduction of melanin. This leads to brightening of the skin (not whitening) and it had help those with hyperpigmentation.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Weekly Resurfacing Treatment with 10% AHA (USD$36 for 2 fl. oz)


Paula's Choice RESIST Weekly Resurfacing Treatment 10% AHA

Image via Dermstore

This is a thin, water-like liquid that can be applied using a cotton pad or fingers. Recommended use: no more than twice a week. This will burn if you overuse it. Apply this after cleansing and before putting other treatments and moisturisers at nighttime.  Must, MUST use SPF during the day. Also according to Paula’s, you can use glycolic acid and prescription retinoids. Apply the AHA and let dry for about 10 mins, then place your retinoid or Vitamin A derivative product. If you experience burning, then, of course, discontinue use.

Active Ingredients: Glycolic Acid

At 10% this is a concentrated formula of one the of most widely used AHAs. The main purpose of glycolic acid is to exfoliate the skin. It helps assist in cell turnover and removal of dead skin cells. This reveals newer skin cells, helps is the minimization of age spots and hyperpigmentation and makes the other products that you use on your skin become better absorbed. Great for anyone over 25, those with dullness and hyperpigmentation. A must have in your anti-aging routine.

Paula’s Choice RESIST Intensive Repair Cream (USD$33 for 1.7 fl. oz.)

Paula's Choice RESIST Intensive Repair Cream Retinol

Image via Dermstore

To be used at night as it may make skin more sun sensitive. A very creamy, hydrating moisturiser that contains the star of the skincare world, retinol. Applied after water-based products. Also contains peptides and antioxidants that help rebuild the skin and combats visible signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and dehydration. Can be used with AHAs but allow at least 10 mins after application of AHA to apply the retinol product. I like the airless pump, opaque container that it comes in that protects the contents.

Active Ingredients: Retinol

The gold standard of skincare. Retinol and other retinoid derivatives do just about everything. They help unclog pores which makes them look smaller and aids in treating acne (that’s why your dermatologist will prescribe a more concentrated form for severe acne). It helps with the regeneration of newer skin cells i.e. cell turnover, so it is great for those with hyperpigmentation and dullness to get a more brightening effect. It also goes deeper into the skin layers to boost and encourage collagen production which will soften fine lines and wrinkles. So its anti-aging properties are well documented and vital for anyone’s nighttime skincare routine. Retinol can be quite drying but because of the other hydrators within the formula, I did not experience any flaking or dryness.

The absolute best thing you can use to protect your skin is SPF, the next is retinol... Click To Tweet

I recommend this line if you are looking to step up your skincare game.

Paula’s Choice: Availability

These products are available at the Paula’s Choice website, as well as Dermstore.

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