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Hey! So here are some pictures and a few swatches from the launch of the Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Spring/Summer collection, The Garden, a mix of pastels and brights.

The Garden by OCC, Spring/Summer 2012

Top (L to R): Chlorophyll, Pennyroyal, Belladonna
Bottom (L to R): Ophelia, Digitalis, Kava Kava

The new Lip Tars

Top (L to R): Foxfire, Mimosa
Middle (L to R): Datura, Triptych
Bottom (L to R): Acacia
Glitter (left): Fae

The Loose Colour Concentrates  and Glitters

Mimosa and Triptych

Acacia, Foxfire, Datura

L to R: Kava Kava, Chimera, Chlorophyll, Phantasm

The Nail Polishes

Note: I see they have revamped their Lip Tar packaging! I like! I think these are going to be easier to control the amount of product that comes out.  It also looks like they changed the plastic used for the tubes.  They look more durable. For me, the standout for this entire collection is the nail polish in Chlorophyll (you know the compound responsible for making leaves green and for photosynthesis!)  What a bright colour!

OCC is available online on their website, and for my Caribbean people, they ship internationally!

Did you guys get anything?

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