Photo of invite.

Photo of invite.

Part 2 of the 3 part limited edition Fall ’09 collection.

This part of the collection consisted of brightly hued single eyeshadows and technakohl liners.  This is probably the most anticipated part of this collection.  Everyone on Specktra has been waiting for these items (btw, if you’re fan of M.A.C., you need to be on Specktra. Period…).

The details….


  • Crest the Wave (Frost) –  light frosty yellow
  • Haunting (Satin) – light turquoise with minimal shimmer
  • Off the Page (Frost) – Midtone orange with frost
  • Maira’s Magic (Satin) –  light pink with minimal shimmer
  • Purple Shower (Satin) – midtone pink with minimal shimmer
  • Violet Trance (Matte) – Deep blue purple with no shimmer.  It looks almost like a purple periwinkle.

Of all the colours in this entire collection, Violet Trance will probably be the most popular.  A lot of people see it as a dupe for Make Up For Ever (MUFE) eyeshadow # 92.  These two colours are very similar but Violet trance has more blue in it while MUFE # 92 has more red, its a deeper colour.  This is a standout colour in the collection, but…it’s a matte and it is chalky in texture.  You would have to really pack in on with maybe M.A.C.’s 239 brush and blend really well to get good colour payoff, especially on darker skin.  I would opt for #92 as it has a much smoother texture and the colour is intense!  The other standout colour is Off the Page.  M.A.C. does not really have a colour like this in their collection.  Most of the oranges are either lighter or they have little to no shimmer.  This colour is rich, like the peel of an orange.  This would be a great colour to have and it would work well on olive and darker skin tones.  Wear it with browns, beiges, bronzes and accents for with blues.  The other colours are okay.  Not must haves.

These are available online now and in stores for USD$14.50.

Technakohl Liner

  • Colour Matters – bright lime green with no shimmer
  • Obviously Orange – midtone orange/coral with no shimmer
  • Artistic License – bright turquoise blue with no shimmer
  • Full of Fuschia – deep bright fuschia with no shimmer
  • Graphblack – deep black with no shimmer

These are very bright and colourful and would add a pop of colour to the more subtle colours of fall.  The formula of the technakohl liners are great – rich, creamy and soft, won’t drag on waterlines and they have great staying power.  These are really good. Graphblack is permanent but all the other liners are limited edition.

These are available online now and in stores for USD$14.50.

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