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Here are a few swatches of what I hauled from M.A.C.’s Semi Precious collection.  I am a true sucka for their mineralized eye shadows.  For whatever reason, the texture and quality is never consistent from collection to collection.  Sometimes they are flaky, chunky, not heavily pigmented and often they look pretty in the pan than on the lid.  So I had to make sure to choose wisely.

Across the collection of eye shadows, they have varying levels of pigmentation and many of colours are not unique.  They were all very smooth in texture and have varying amounts of marbling so that two eye shadow pans could give slightly different colours.

I loved the jewelled themed collection and was of course drawn to the darker colours.

I first got Dark Indulgence, which is a dark, sooty emerald green melanged with black.

Dark Indulgence

I don’t have a lot of greens this dark so I was excited to get this.  This would make a great smokey eye.  When swatched dry, it is not as pigmented as when swatched wet, which makes it buildable.

Swatch, dry (left) and wet (right)

Golden Gaze – I was most interested in darkened yellow golden colour as I was hoping it was going to be a dupe for Gilt By Association.

Golden Gaze

G by A came out with the Style Black collection and was amazing but I did not pick it up.  I have Cinderfella so I could only compare the texture.  The Style Black MES were more glittery and chunky while Semi Precious was smoother.  I heard colourwise that they are similar.  This colour is a little more pigmented than Dark Indulgence.  I am certainly happy with it!

Swatches dry (left) & wet (right)

That’s it!!  I may pick up one or two other items.  What did you guys haul?

FTC Disclosure: All products mentioned were purchased by Noire Tropical Beauty.  For more information, please see my Disclosure page.

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