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First Peek: Lady Gaga & Cyndi Lauper does M.A.C.

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Hey guys!!

Another M.A.C. post.  Here’s a peek into the new ad for the Viva Glam Campaign.  As you know, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of Viva Glam products benefit the M.A.C. AIDS Fund.  M.A.C. has always come out with some great print ads and this one does not disappoint!  There will be two new lipsticks in the “From Our Lips” campaign and they will be available from March 18th in the North American region and worldwide later than month.

I would love to get a postcard of this ad!


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Lady Gaga does M.A.C.!

M.A.C has added two more stars to their M.A.C. Aids Fund campaign.

From WWD,

Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga have been named the latest faces of the MAC AIDS Fund. The newest campaign, dubbed “From Our Lips,” will break on Feb. 25. MAC Viva Glam Gaga Lipstick and Viva Glam Cyndi Lipstick, $14 each, will launch in North America on March 18 and globally throughout the month, with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to the MAC AIDS Fund. The MAC AIDS Fund has invested more than $150 million to organizations in more than 67 countries since its founding in 1994.

Can’t wait to see these!

Source: WWD

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Interview for M.A.C. with Dean & Dan from DSquared

This entrevista was just posted.  Check it out!

Q: Can you tell me about the inspiration behind the limited edition makeup collection you’ve collaborated on with M·A·C?
DA: It’s old Hollywood meets new Hollywood. Our girl is interrupted – she’s on a set, she’s off the set; she’s young, she’s cool, she’s moving – she’s very now, she lives in the moment. Hollywood today is a different story than it used to be. These girls have tons of things to do, they’re on the go.
DE: It’s all about mixing great statement pieces with their own things; she might have a $20,000 jacket that she puts with a pair of ten dollar sweat pants.
DA: Less is more, but more is never enough. Stack it on and mix it up.

Q: It’s such a change, because Hollywood used to be regimented, it used to be so perfected, not a hair out of place and now it’s undergone this huge revolution with a new generation of stars.
DE: They’re so young and they’re real, they want to be individual, they don’t want to be dictated to anymore. These girls practically live their whole lives in the public; it’s just not possible for them to keep up that carefully crafted façade actresses used to put up.
DA: Thank God for that – it makes them more colourful, it makes them more interesting. If anybody does anything well it should look effortless, I think the key word for the collection is “Effortless Makeup”; she didn’t spend hours but she looks amazing and, more importantly, memorable.

Q: So can you tell me a bit more about the actual collection that you’ve created with M·A·C?
DA: It’s about a very important dark eye, but a multi-hued black, not a flat black.
DE: It’s kind of a “rock-on” makeup statement, but it’s unforced, purposefully messy.
DA: This girl didn’t spend hours doing her makeup but she looks amazing. It’s cooler than being too studied. Young Hollywood doesn’t need to impress anyone; the same goes for the makeup, she’s not about blending it perfectly.
DE: The longer it’s worn in, the better it looks. I love the idea that the application is easy, it’s markers, pencils, powders and you can use your fingers to put them on.
DA: Use Kohl Power Pencil in Feline and Greasepaint Stick with Zoom Fast Black Lash, and then they’re lightened with peacock and violet Greasepaints. After you’ve put all that black on the eye and those two vibrant colours, you add an eye gloss to bring light to hidden things. So the eyes will be really dramatic!

Q: Can you please tell me about the model you chose to be shot backstage for the makeup collection?
DE: As this season is inspired by young Hollywood, those young cool girls, they are carefree, cool and easy.
DA: We just thought Valeria was one of the coolest girls in the show. We like those girls that don’t care, you can see it in the way they walk and the way they carry themselves, it’s relaxed. It’s not like she is trying to be a glam goddess, I don’t even think she knows how beautiful she is.
DE: They don’t take themselves too seriously, which makes them cool.

Q: Can you tell me why you decided to collaborate with M·A·C?
DE: M·A·C is a part of our family, we grew up with them. We’re Canadian, they’re Canadian, and it started there.
DA: M·A·C has been very supportive of us from the beginning of our design career, so it’s a natural link.

Q: Because you all met when you were quite young didn’t you?
DA: We have the longest history with Gordon Espinet. We grew up together, and actually have a lot of things in common. We always used to play around with makeup anyway, so it’s not like Dean and I don’t know anything about makeup. We knew how we wanted the eyes to be, with the colour and the black, coming up with great ideas for the final look was really a very smooth process.
DE: M·A·C is the best makeup brand around. Let’s not forget about that!
DA: Neither company takes itself too seriously, M·A·C is really expressive and DSquared² are on the same trip. We both have strong connections with pop stars, music and fashion – we’re certainly on the same page.

Q: Did M·A·C inspire you when you were starting out? It was so seminal in the nineties, DSquared² was around at the same time and the M·A·C look was so different to anything else on the market.
DA: I think M·A·C was probably one of the first cosmetics companies that came out with colours and pigments that you didn’t find, colours that were unusual…
DE: They were and are makeup pioneers.

Q: Was it nice to be able to apply your creative process to a new medium like this?
DA: Absolutely, we are very creative people, as is M·A·C. They really understood what we wanted and have stayed true to our vision. Also, because we’ve known each other for a long time, M·A·C knows what we’re about.

Q&A courtesy M.A.C. Cosmetics

Swatched! Jin Soon Choi for M.A.C.

Jin Soon Choi for M.A.C. haul

Cool Reserve (L) & For Fun (R)

Hi folks!!

So I was able to view the new M.A.C. nail collection on Saturday and I think this a great fall collection.  The colours are very creamy, mostly dark, vampy and you would need at least 2 coats for full coverage.  There was some streaking when applying the first coat but application was smooth on the second.  The colours are beautiful and I was really tempted to just get them all, but I only got 2 of them:  Cool Reserve and For Fun.

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Nail News! Jin Soon Choi for M.A.C. F/W'09

Hi guys!!! Here’s some news….Famous nail guru Jin Soon Choi is bringing out an all-creme nail polish collection for M.A.C.

As reported by nitrolicious:

“MAC has partnered with renowned nail artist, Jin Soon Choi on her first-ever brand collaboration, she had a clear vision: highly pigmented, bold nail colours with a long-lasting, high-shine cream finish. With that direction, MAC Product Development experts set out to develop a F/W ‘09 trend-driven nail collection that would appeal to beauty and fashion addicts everywhere. The complete collection includes six rich, opaque shades with editorial flair and depth, as well as an Underlacquer and an Overlacquer, all formulated to strengthen and fortify nails. During the Fall/Winter ‘09 Collections, Doo.Ri chose Beyond Jealous (a blackened blue/green shade), to complete the models’ looks. Each bottle is priced at$12.00 U.S. / $15.50 CDN. The collection is slated to hit and MAC counters in North America on August 27, 2009 and International in September 2009.”

The MAC Nail Trend F/W ‘09 by Jin Soon Choi Collection consists of:

  • Cool Reserve (Dirty Grey Lavender)
  • For Fun (Rich Clean Purple)
  • Dance All Night (Brick Red)
  • Rich, Dark, Delicious (Rich Blackened Brown)
  • Dry Martini (Khaki Olive Green)
  • Beyond Jealous (Blackened Blue Green)
  • Underlacquer
  • Overlacquer

Also All Lacquered Up has some amazing swatches of all the colours.  This is SURE to sell out, fast!

I know what I am getting: Cool Reserve, For Fun, Dry Martini.  What are you going to get???

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