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So I am always on the lookout for lip balms. This is a must have for me, whether in cold New York or sweltering Trinidad, I must have lip balm readily available!  Flaky lips are not an option, especially when wearing lipstick.  Recently, I have been partial to natural balms without mineral oil, paraffins or petrolatum.  Enter the EOS lip balm….

EOS lip balm

I have heard about the EOS lip balms for a while now, particularly because they come in a very cool, conversation-starting package.  I must say that I was absolutely drawn to this!!!! An ergonomic balm? Of course!!!!


As you can see, EOS contains a few ingredients, some organic, all from natural origin.  It features some of my favourites, coconut oil and shea butter.  So I know that I am guaranteed a certain amount of wholesome goodness and smoothness! 🙂

The outer packaging is made from hard plastic with a brushed finish.  An almost perfect sphere with a flattened portion near the middle to help open and close the screw-top (which is great!!! It’s not going to accidentally open…).

See the flattened part of sphere on upper part of pic!

The balm is hemispherical in shape and large enough to cover both lips at once.  It’s really smooth and provides a lot of moisture but it’s not greasy.  I also love the scent, fruity but not overpowering. Once used, its shape becomes a little flattened.  I use this at night just after I exfoliate my lips with some brown sugar and when I wake up in the morning, my lips still have balm and they are still soft!!!!  This would work well under lipstick or lip gloss.

So this gets 2 thumbs up from me!!!!! Definitely worth a try!   I bought mine at Duane Reade in NYC in the honeysuckle honeydew flavour and I know it’s available on Amazon.com (for my Trinis!).  It also comes in Summer Fruit and Sweet Mint flavours.

Overall NTB rating: A!

For more info, check out the EOS website.


FTC Disclosure:  This product was bought by Noire Tropical Beauty.  For more information on my disclosure policy, check out my Disclosure page.

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