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My LOTD has been featured! IFB Links a la Mode


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Summer is officially here. Well, not technically… but it’s still here. Headed to the beach this weekend? Going on holiday? Have you broken out your sandals and sunscreen? Yeah, summer. What to wear? How to take care of your youthful skin? Wedding season’s here… do you know how to dress for the occassion? Well, if you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. This week, we have a wonderful roundup of great summer themed fashion posts and a couple of other fun (and a few serious) tidbits. So grab your iced tea, and sit down for some good summer reading.

Links à la Mode: June 5th

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#WCW: A Janelle Monae-inspired hair AND makeup LOTD!

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I love when artists show us their raw talent and they are not hidden behind autotune or fancy costuming. I love it when there is some element of  the artist’s personality, that they are being themselves and that they are not a total creation of a label.

This is why I love Janelle Monae, from her signature pompadour, her black and white tuxedos and her earthy jazz/pop/funk vocals, yeah…you could say I have a girl crush!

Janelle Monae, image courtesy CocoaFab

I wanted to recreate her signature look, with a little twist!  Allyuh know that I am no hair expert, but I am stepping out of my malaise!

In honour of doing a look based on a musical artist, I am also going to use a few products created by Ardency Inn, a new brand, heavily influenced by music.  Check out my writeup on their launch here.

Here’s what I created!


My Janelle Monae inspired LOTD

Wearing Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Quince

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Fashion's Night Out!!! News & Sightings…

Hi Ladies!

So last night I went to the M.A.C. Store in SoHo as my first stop for Fashion’s Night Out.  I must say that I think this was a great idea and I would not mind seeing it take place every year.  It was great seeing people shopping, eating and having lots of fun! I’m sure that retailers made some extra money. Next to the M.A.C. store was the Rachel Roy pop-up store and there was a long line, with a velvet rope and everything!

Anyway, back to M.A.C. – The store had a constant flow of people going in and coming out.  There were guys serving bottled Coca-Colas and Perrier, finger foods and homemade oreos!  They also wore tight black M.A.C. t-shirts and smudgy, glossy black smoky eyes.  Fabulous!!!!  Performing Artist Janelle Monae was also there and she is absolutely the cutest!!!! First of all, she has this big personality in videos and magazines, but she’s tiny!  She’s was rocking her signature, afro mohawk, pompadour hairstyle and the makeup?? FLAWLESSSSSSSS!!!  I don’t even think she knows what a skin problem is.  It was very simple – neutral lids, pronounced lashes, pale pink blush and lips, flawless foundation.

Janelle Monae @ M.A.C. SoHo

Janelle Monae @ M.A.C. SoHo

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