Hi guys!

This is my last installment of my Carnival looks, inspired by the presentations for 2010!  Today is Fantastic Friday in Trinidad and Tobago and de place is hot like fire!!! Tonight is the Soca and the Groovy Soca Monarch Finals as well as Blue Range Cooler Fete, so there’s lots to do!!!

Back to the looks….

I decided for my final look, to use teals/blues/greens which are very popular colours for Carnival costumes and look amazing under the Caribbean sun!

My main inspiration came from Tribe’s section called Zari, which ‘is a type of thread made of precious fine wire and it is the main material used in making saris and ghararas’.

Zari Frontline Headpiece detail

Gorge!!!!!!!! I certainly won’t be able to wear that bikini but its still amazing anyway!!!

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