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7 Best Summer Cream Nail Polishes for Brown Skin – Brights

NTB best summer nail polish brights

More summer favourites! This time I am listing my favourite bright summer colours! The really bright and intense shades that look amazing in the sunlight.  I often have trouble deciding which colour I want to use because I want to wear all of them at once! If you have not checkout out my other post on my favourite summer pastels, check that out here.  Again there is one colour that actually has the teeny, tiniest hit of pearlescence, but it can’t be seen on the nails.  So without further ado, there are the shades that made the cut for my summer bright nail polish.


NTB best summer nail polish brights

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4 Best Summer Cream Nail Polishes for Brown Skin – Pastels



best summer nail polishes pastel cremes brown skin

It’s finally summer! And the weather here has been really A+! I already have a number of events lined up. For the next 3 months, my weekends are going to be pretty full. So of course, I am living in open-toed shoes, I am taking full advantage of the warmth. Hence, I have to make sure that my nails are always polished, both hands and feet. I own a lot of nail polish…like a lot. So I give myself manis and pedis once a week, and I never wear the same colour on my fingers and toes. I love all textures of polish, but there is something about crème nail polishes, especially on dark skin that I love. I think that there is no distraction from shimmers and glitters, so that it is all about the colour. So I am drawn to really bold brights, or intense light colours. It’s all about the contrast with the skin colour. Here are the four best summer nail polishes, in pastel cremes, that will pop on women of colour.  And better yet, these are all vegan friendly! These are must-have.

Side note: Yes there are a lot of Mischo Beauty polishes here. These were all bought by me, and this post is not sponsored. I just love the brand.

best summer nail polishes pastel cremes brown skin

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Zoya Magical Pixie Dust nail polish, Summer 2014, review & swatches.

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Hi folks!

Anyone watching the World Cup?? It’s been great so far!!

Anyway, for those not interested in football, here are some nail polish swatches.

Zoya Magica Pixie Dust Collection – Summer 2014

Zoya has brought out their summer versions of their Pixie Dust collection, which is a textured and matte nail polish.  They’ve brought out other versions reviewed here and here.  There are just three colours this time and as usual, Zoya does a really great job with this formula.  There are consistently some of the best that I have tried.  Wonderful array of colours and there are slight variations between the this collection and older ones.  Zoya recommends that these polishes are applied to the naked nail, free of oils and without a base coat or a top coat.  In these swatches, I applied two coats.  The formula is quite thick, which makes sense as both the matte finish and glittery texture lend to this.  The caps are also have a matte, rubberized finish.  Polishes are available from, and select retailers for USD$10 each.

So lehwe go!

So what makes this “magical”?




These sand-textured polishes have silver micro-glitter as well as medium-sized, hexagonal holographic glitter and small, circular holographic glitter.  This gives that added, multi-dimensional sparkle and of course I love it!! This formula also has a milky/creamy appearance, and the base is semi-opaque.  All swatches done with two coats, no base coat.

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Summer not done yet!! Loving these bright #PixieDust polishes from Zoya!!

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The Summer Pixie Dust Collection is so much better than their original spring offering.

Zoya Pixie Dust Summer 2013, Solange, Beatrix, Destiny

L to R: Miranda, Stevie, Liberty

I truly believe that this texture works really well with richly pigmented colours, and not pastels.  I love the bright colour mixed with the matte finish mixed with the crystal like glitter.  They all accent each other.  And since nail art continues to be very popular for the upcoming seasons, you can use these polishes as accents with your more vampy nail colours.  For all the polishes, I applied 2 coats in these swatches and note that they are thicker in texture.  For the best results, apply as thin of a layer as possible and let dry between layers.  Also, when using these, since they are technically a matte nail polish, don’t use a base coat or top coat.  I get about 2-3 days of chip –free manicure.  The summer collection is still available at the Zoya website and they retail for US$9 each.   This media sample was provided to me.


Liberty –  a deep ocean blue polish with dark blue and silver shimmer.  Actually I could see myself wearing this more in the fall rather than then summer.  Nice colour but a little deep for me for warm weather.

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This Zoya collection has some Irresistible colours for Summer 2013!

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This post contains press samples.

Zoya’s Irresistible Collection is a bold, rich metallic take on summer.  The colours are bright, pigmented, but slightly deepened and they would transition well into the autumn.  And because of the metallic/foil finish, it is irresistible to me!  All the polishes are on the thicker side and all have a very intense, dense glitter that dries down to a foil finish that feels smooth to the touch.  I applied 2 coats for each swatch, which gave full coverage in most of the colours.  Three of the colours are cool/silver-toned

and the other 3 are warm/gold-toned.

Here are the swatches!


Rikki – a leafy green polish with silver, metallic glitter.   This is not super deep, nor is it pastel coloured.  Just in-between, medium toned.  The green does not stand out against the silver glitter, so the colour is not as intense as the other polishes.  I would say that the green and the silver colours are evenly balanced.  Nice colour.

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