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Ever since I decided to go back to natural years ago, I had a long list of brands and products that I heard about or read about that I wanted to try.  There weren’t a lot of hair accessories or hair jewellry on my list, but Ododo Originals was on there.  Lesley, the founder and owner, makes handmade hair floral accessories in a myriad of colours and designs.  Ododo means ‘flower’ in her mother tongue.  I was immediately intrigued when I visited the website!! Oh the colour!

Fast forward to last Black Friday, I finally ordered my first flower.   I chose to get a neutral colour that I would wear with any outfit  and I had a particular liking to the Art Deco section, which has a particular pattern, and often featured 2 different colour beads.  All of Ododo’s flowers are made of beads of different sizes and finishes and fine wire and come in a couple of different sizes.   You can get the flower with an alligator clip, a pin to use as a brooch or as a headband.  I picked up the Art Deco style in antiqued silver and bronze and that cost USD$45 less 20% (Black Friday deal).  I literally spent all weekend trying to decide which one I was going to start with!

My package came after about 2 weeks, wrapped like this…..

The packaging….

Nice, eh?

In the middle of the de people post office, I opened my package….and was blown away!! I actually let out an audible gasp!  I was highly impressed at how delicate, and beautiful and well made it was!

Delicate as in refined, not fragile.  On the website, the pieces are enlarged, to show detail, but in person it looked professionally made.  The beads are round and smooth with an iridescent/duochrome glaze, so it has a subtle shine.  The petals come to a point and the flower has some flexibility as it is made with bronze coloured wire.  The centre is bronze as well as the edges.  The rest of the petal is this burnished silver.  The flower is about 2.5 inches across with an alligator clip that just slides into the hair.

Used on twist-out high bun

on a twist-out

On twisted hair!

I love how this looks! Love it! And I am super impressed! There is a lot on Ododo’s Etsy site and I am about to raid the rest of the Art Deco section!  These would make great gifts and is a wonderful way to dress up a twist out.

You can fine these vintage-inspired pieces at OdodoOriginals.com

Overall Grade: A

FTC Disclosure: Products were purchased by me, Noire Tropical Beauty.  All opinions expressed are 100% honest and my own.  I have not been compensated for this review.  For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.