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noiretropicalbeauty about me

Do you love makeup, but have no idea where to start?

Or is the smokey eye the bane of your existence?

Have you big chopped and want to know what the next step is?

Or are you a beauty junkie looking for practical advice and great information on amazing new products and techniques for makeup, skin and haircare from around the world?


My name is Nerissa and  I am a Trinbagonian obsessed with beauty.  I have loved it since I was a pre-teen growing in the Caribbean.  At that time, I lived for school bazaars as that would be the only time I could get to experiment with the limited choices available.  Fast forward to my university years, I frequently took study breaks from my chemical engineering classes to scope out all the new items at the local drugstore.  But I was not only interested in colours and textures, but also how and why they worked? What were the ingredients? Would they enhance the beauty of my dark skin? I did tons of research, experimented a lot, built a repertoire of knowledge an became the beauty expert.  Eventually, with my chemical knowledge and my passion, Noire Tropical Beauty was born!

Noire Tropical Beauty is a beauty and natural hair care blog, with content curated by me to make your life effortless and to bring out the most beautiful you, all with a bit of science thrown in the mix.  I believe in embracing global beauty and being inspired by the richness and the diversity of culture.  I looooove colour and believe that makeup is both art and science! I take out the complexity and sift through all the noise and the myths surrounding cosmetics to make it simpler for you choose your next palette or the best products for an amazing twistout.  Creative+ technical = me!

Some Things About Me

  • I am a Trini to the bone but I love living in big, diverse cities! Shoutout to NYC!
  • And also because of that, I love the sun and warm weather!
  • Fútbol is the game of gods and I am often watching or tweeting about a game, the BPL, World Cup, Champions League, whatever! I love sports in general.
  • Don’t call me during Scandal….seriously! #TeamOlitz for life!
  • I love amazing food, and I could eat plantains, and pasta and rice and sweets every day of my life!
  • I love learning about the culture and soul of a people through dance & music, especially if it is African-based.
  • Did I mention that I am inspired by the beauty of colour and I could go to Sephora every day and still get excited? Trying out new products is my thing….
  • I am an Ivy-educated, science loving nerd! I love chemistry just as much as I love beauty.  Who says you can’t be a beauty-loving scientist?
  • I get stopped at least once or twice a week because people are fascinated by my grey, Rogue-like streak!
  • I am working on my own skincare/makeup line.

So if you want to find out what is inspiring me at the moment, what are the best quality products to try, or for a review or tutorial, sign up for my email newsletter! Click this link! ——->


Noire Tropical Beauty is the creation of Nerissa.  She hails from the twin island Republic of Trinidad & Tobago but currently resides in the beauty/fashion capital of the world, New York City (Harlem to be exact!).  She is a lover of makeup, colour, a Product Junkie,  freelance makeup artist, eternally devoted to M.A.C. but also passionate about other brands who have extended lines for women of colour. She also has years of experience in corporate beauty and therefore understands beauty from a consumer and an insider. She loves  effective products in general.  As a graduate of Princeton University and using her background in Chemical Engineering, she is interested in the science behind the product and the balance between beauty and function.  She also began her natural hair journey years ago and enjoys discovering and supporting companies that cater to natural, kinky, curly, coily beautiful hair!  Huge fan of the haircare brands handmade for natural hair! Mini mixologist. Anything purple.  Period.

For reference, Nerissa has dark skin (M.A.C. NC 50, Bobbi Brown # 8 Walnut, MUFE HD Foundation in R530).  She loves exploring makeup lines, beauty traditions and customs from all over the world, especially for women of colour (African, Latina/Hispanic, Middle Eastern, Indian, Asian and anyone else not mentioned!).  There are a lot more products available now, but sometimes women still feel limited in their options.  Nerissa hopes to showcase beauty from all over.

In her spare time,  she watches A LOT of fútbol! Officially obsessed! Forever a baby blue and white, let’s go NYCFC! She is an avid listener of great international music and is currently working on increasing her repertoire of international dances such as Samba, Middle Eastern, West African, and Salsa.

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  1. cdbrand01

    I like here, welcome link to my blog, to share good things

  2. Amina

    I looove your blog so much and wish you all the best especially owning your business. Don’t forget to send us samples of those new goodies 🙂
    Love also your wishlist. I love coming here to see if there’s anything that changed 🙂

    • Noire Tropical Beauty

      Thanks sooooo much for the support!!!

  3. Martha Pitts

    ooh la la! catching up on everything! sooooo tight.

    • Noire Tropical Beauty

      Thanx Marth!

  4. Amanda

    Cool Blog..and I saw the video on FB.VERY COOL!!

    • Noire Tropical Beauty

      Yes ma’am, ’twas cool!!!!!!

  5. Jannelle

    Nerissa! So proud of you! The blog is amazing!!!
    when are you coming back????

    • noiretropicalbeauty

      Soon Jannelle, soon!

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