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Part 3: NARS Andy Warhol Silver Factory Collection!

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I told you this was huge! This is the last of the Andy Warhol/NARS collaboration, and it includes more gift sets.  Take a look….

“You must always be yourself no matter what the price. It is the highest form of morality.” – Candy, muse of Andy Warhol


In a new makeup gifting collection for department and specialty stores, NARS captures the spirit of Warhol’s Silver Factory. The edgy energy of the Screen Tests, the intense color of the silkscreens, and the cool of Warhol’s superstars – underground icons and downtown divas who amazed audiences just by being themselves. For Andy the factory characters were like a full spectrum palette – personality as color.

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This NARS Andy Warhol is the biggest collection yet! Part 1: Color Collection

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So Francois Nars has brought out a new collection for fall/winter 2012 inspired by one of the most important, popular and visual artists of the 20thcentury, Andy Warhol!  This collection has everything – nail lacquers, lipglosses, colour and texture!

“Everybody is a Superstar.  At least for 15 minutes.” –  Andy Warhol

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