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Inside Peter Phillips' mind…and kit!!

Check out this short animated film created by the Global Creative Director of Chanel, Peter Phillips.  Animated makeup!

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Chanel talks makeup artistry with Peter Phillips


The wonderful people at NOWNESS have given me the opportunity to bring to you an interview with Peter Philips, Chanel’s Global Creative Director of Makeup.  Find out about the guru behind the coveted Jade nail polish and other classic products de Chanel!

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So you want to wear makeup…Lips (finally!!)

Hey guys!!!

Kerry Washington, image courtesy of

Here’s my final installment of ‘So you want to wear makeup…‘, your basic, beginner’s guide to makeup.  Lip products are probably the first makeup items that young girls begin wearing.  Easy to use, inexpensive and you feel like you are wearing something, even if it’s a colourless product.

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