Bloggers and M.A.C. addicts alike have been buzzing over the next major collection being released by M.A.C. They have paired up with DC Comics in a tribute to the first female superhero, Wonder Woman.

M.A.C. Wonder Woman collection. Image courtesy of

The Wonder Woman collection comes in special packaging and is of course limited edition.  The collection debuts in stores on February 10 in North America, online about February 8th, and internationally in March.  This is a massive collection and includes makeup bags, mirrors, LE brushes and I have even heard of a t-shirt (which would be super cool to get!!).  One thing to note:  The prices of these products are slightly elevated and probably is due to paying for the licensing of the Wonder Woman character.   Many M.A.C. stores are having unveiling parties next week, so check your local store to get on the list.  Some colours are part of the permanent collection, so you can save some money if you don’t care for the packaging.

As a kid, I was a fan of the comic books and the TV series featuring Lynda Carter.  Most of the chatter surrounds the packaging, some folks love, some folks don’t.  I have to wait to see what it looks like in person.  All information and photos courtesy of Specktra.

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