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Hair of the Day! Twist out, half up

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My latest twist out!!!

My usual twistout and I decided to wear it half up and half down.  Super easy! I just unravelled the twists but I did not separate the individual twists. I used these products to do my two strand twists – these are pretty much my holy grail products!

  • Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave-in
  • Oyin Handmade Whipped Pudding
  • Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade

What do you use?? Laters!

My experiment with bentonite clay on my natural hair!

So I returned from an amazing trip to Turkey and I needed to give my hair a little TLC.  I decided to do a deep cleanse with bentonite clay.  What’s bentonite clay you ask??  I used Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay with contains 100% natural calcium bentonite clay, which I bought at Fairway in NYC for $6.95.  You can find this at other stores and all over online.

Image via Vitacost

A bit on bentonite clay…

Calcium bentonite or green bentonite is a naturally occurring clay that is known for it’s highly absorbing and detoxification properties.  It can be used both internally and externally, but if you are going ingest bentonite clay, do copious amounts of research and proceed at your own risk!  Anyway, calcium bentonite absorbs many things, water, oil, sebum, dirt, toxins, metals, free radicals, bacteria and other kinds of impurities and it is quite popular in the haircare and skincare communities.  Many people with oily or acne-prone skin make facial masques as it quite effectively removes surface oil.  I got some of it on my forehead and my dry skin felt suuuuuuper tight, so I know it works!  I used it to cleanse and detoxify my hair, like a hair masque.  So here’s how I mixed it:

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LOTD: Quick twistout updo!

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So I tried this quick updo after I took down my 2-strand twists.

Updo from 2 strand twist out

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This might just be the best shampoo ever….

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I’m talking about the SheaMoisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo with Sea Kelp, Argan Oil & Shea Butter for dry, damaged hair.  I have been using this shampoo for about a year now.  AND I LOVE IT!!!!!

SheaMoisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo, image courtesy of

While I was a relaxed girl, as a matter of fact, I have always have problems with shampoos drying my hair and scalp out.  I would often feel like my scalp was tightening and pulling away from my hair.  Fast forward to last year as a natural.  Now my hair is growing and kinky and my number 1 goal is to prevent my hair from completely drying out when I wash it and to still effectively cleanse it.  I have tried other natural shampoos and many of them while they work, they also did not suds enough for my liking.  A little bit of sudsing or foaming is actually good because it helps trap and remove oil and dirt.  It’s when there is excessive bubble action when the skin and hair feels dry.  I also avoid traditional shampoos with certain sulphates and their derivatives like sodium lauryl sulphate, ammonium laureth sulphate etc. This is one of the moves that I have made that has totally changed the health and condition of my hair.  I stick to the gentle cleansers that can remove water-soluble products.

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What's my hair to do for winter????? Tips for colder weather

Image courtesy

Hey folks!!!

So here on the East Coast it’s slowly getting colder.  I have been thinking about how to take care of my hair during the winter months.  The biggest thing I, and many other people with kinky/coily/curly hair, have to deal with, is getting enough moisture especially as the humidity drops and indoor temperatures rise.   My hair tends to get very dry quickly and this leads to frizziness and eventually split ends. This is a great time to review your hair regime and find what works for you to gain and maintain healthy hair.  Remember, you don’t have to follow all of the hair ‘rules’ but just do you!  Here are a few tips to remember when deciding what to choose.


Growing up, I always remembered having super dry hair, especially when washing it.  Even as an adult, I used to feel my scalp contracting when I went to the salon to get a wash and blow out.  The one thing that has drastically changed the condition and health of my hair and scalp is cleansing without the use of sulphates.  Just about every commercial shampoo contains sulphate – sodium lauryl sulphates, ammonium laureth sulphates and there are many more.  I ALWAYS stick to sulphate-free shampoos.  Look for products that state they are sulphate free, castile soaps, cleansers containing betaine.  You could also use diluted apple cider vinegar or baking soap.  Again, lots of people have great success with sulphate shampoos, but I don’t.  My hair no longer feels dried out and brittle.  Remember to main reason we shampoo is to cleanse the scalp to remove products, dead skin cells, excess oils, pollutants that build up on a daily basis.  You can’t have totally healthy hair without a healthy scalp.  So massage your scalp well when cleansing!

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