I was browsing my Lord & Taylor Passport To Beauty catalog and spied the new NARS Summer 2010 collection.

NARS Summer 2010

And I think know I love these hues !!! I love blues and they are great colours to wear during the summer.  This collection is described by L&T as ‘Ocean and turquoise hues pair with sun-kissed bronze and champagne gold for cool summer color’.  This collection looks very Women of Color friendly, with it’s intense blues and complimentary golds and corals.  This just reminds of hot sun and cool waters at the beach.  You can totally tell I’m a heat lover!!!!! I am not thrilled with using Amber Valletta as the spokesmodel this collection.  NARS could have used someone else to truly bring out the warmth of collection….but this is what we have.

According to the NARS website,

The Summer 2010 Collection is a range of bold and bright hues and creamy textures. François Nars looked for inspiration from the character Sèverine, played by Catherine Deneuve in the iconic film Belle de Jour.  “Her character is incredibly beautiful and elegant,” says François. “Her look is effortless –– she has an incredible inner sophistication.”

The collection is designed to look striking on a wide range of skin tones and let women’s natural beauty shine through. “I designed the makeup to bring a natural-looking glow to the skin, while allowing women to have fun with color. After all, summer is a playful season, nothing should be too complicated!”

Séverine’s look was not complicated—this wasn’t a woman who wanted to do her makeup all day—but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t polished. Effortless looking makeup can often be the most elegant, allowing a woman’s natural beauty (and personality) to shine through—especially during the summertime.

The hues for this collection are sexy, sensual and compliment a broad range of skin tones. It brings a lovely glow to any and every complexion. I’ve avoided the cliché of making everything pink. For me, summertime makeup should be sheer, reflect the light and be easy to apply.  But it should still have pops of color—like the Burn It Blue Duo Cream Eyeshadow.

Sheer formulas!  They are more forgiving. They go on so translucently and require less precision—lips can be done quickly; lids require just a swipe or two (using fingertips, if that’s preferred). Of course, a more built up look is always possible—that’s the beauty of these formulas.

The Details:

This soft-peach cream blush delivers a hint of shimmer and smooth, silky color for a luminous complexion. The vitamin-enriched formula is long-lasting and blends easily for a sheer flush and healthy, glowing summertime skin.  It’s sure to attract, entrance and delight.

Burn It Blue
An iridescent ocean-blue paired with turquoise creates a lively duo cream eyeshadow. The soft cream formula can be applied with the fingertips or a brush for more precision. Swipe one shade over the eyelid or layer one upon the other—the overlay is delicate, yet striking.

This spicy, deep brown cream eyeshadow is even hotter than its namesake spice. The intensely rich shade is tempered by a weightless texture, making it a versatile summer option.  Use it to line or swipe it across the entire lid. Apply it sheer or layered for more color, intensity and pop.

Love Devotion
This nourishing, long-lasting sheer guava lipstick delivers a subtle and glistening color. Lips will be soft and sumptuously in season.

Coup de Coeur
Just like the French phrase it’s named after, this shiny, sheer apple-brandy tinted lip gloss is sure to yield love at first sight.  The convenient wand application is perfect for adding gloss throughout the day for ultra-tempting fullness.

This multi-purpose tool is now available in a fresh, glazed-apricot shade.  The multiple’s gold sparkles create shimmering accents and gives a glowing complexion. The lightweight, foolproof color is quick and easy, and takes the guesswork out of what goes where.

This regal, opalescent, champagne-gold nail hue shimmers, creating a light-catching tint. The durable formula creates a gilded sophistication and a majesty that’s very modern.

I am most interested in Lamu multiple (looks quite dark and bronzy), Burn It Blue (blues!!!),  Love Devotion (is this the coral shade of the season?????)

This collection will be available from April 15 (today!) on NARS Cosmetics online, Sephora and Lord & Taylor stores nationwide.


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