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M.A.C. Collection: Semi Precious

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Typically, M.A.C. brings out a couple of large collections during the summer and one of them usually includes a mineralized collection.  For the newbies, mineralized makeup usually contains natural minerals in a powdered form and may be baked into a solid form.  It is touted as being better for the skin and there are less additives and binders that hold the particles together.  These products can be used both dry and wet which is different from typical pressed powder products.

Here is some information about M.A.C.’s newly released Semi Precious collection.  It is available from July 7 in the US and Canada at M.A.C. stores, counters and online.  Available internationally later on in July.

All information courtesy of and photos courtesy of M.A.C.

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Quick look: Fluidline comparisons

There is some buzz about the Dark Diversion fluidline that came out in the Stylishly Yours collection and it is often compared to the permanent fluidline Macroviolet.  Here are quick swatches of Macroviolet, Dark Diversion and Waveline fluidlines.

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The Villains are coming!!! Watch out!!!!

Major collection being released!!

Inspired by 4 of the most well- known villains in animated filmography, M.A.C. presents the Venomous Villains collection, in collaboration with Disney.

Maleficent, Cruella, Evil Queen, Dr. Facelier, image courtesy of Specktra

Each character comes with it’s own storyline, colour scheme/collection and limited edition packaging.  An updated version of the colours used to create the characters.  There are also face charts that accompany each collection.  The packaging is glossy black with each character painted on in vivid colour.

The VV collection is huge, but fortunately quite a few of the products are repromotes or part of the permanent line.  There are also a few new products like the Magically Cool Liquid Powder, which is part of the Maleficent collection.  Of course the packaging is LE so that this will sell like hot bread on a Sunday morning!!! People have been buzzing about this since July so, uhmmm yeah, get it while you can.

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Swatched! M.A.C. Viva Glam Cyndi

Viva Glam Cyndi: lipglass (l), lipstick (r)

Here’s a quick swatch of both the VG Cyndi lipstick and lipglass.  Very complimentary!!

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